The Extrability philosophy
The mission of the WHITE CANE NGO: to create a world in which abilities of the highest level are realized - extrability
This becomes possible thanks to the concept of "Extrability".


We believe that people with disabilities who have been able to adapt to their physical status and return to life in society have activated the special inner capabilities hidden in each person. Having opened access to internal resources, such people seek to help other people find dormant strengths and abilities in themselves. In our circle, we call such people “positive disabled people.”

"Extrability" (from English "extra" - additional, high quality, high level, "ability") - these are abilities that develop, due to restrictions, in the process of successful socialization.
Extrability is the philosophy, the principle of action and the rule of life of the WHITE CANE NGO.
Extrability is a new tradition of changing fate, a transition to a qualitatively standard of living. Extrability for those who show their strength in activity and discover their previously hidden talents. Trauma and severe limitations are the impetus for awareness and use of new opportunities, support for extrability.

The second side of the Extrability ideology is "inclusive interaction" - these are specially created scenarios in which a person acquires qualitatively new skills and competencies, rethinks his role in a new destiny for himself, embarks on the path of transformation.

People with disabilities, who were once offered the only choice to adapt to their physical status, are now developing brain abilities that act as catalysts for those around them. They discover amazing competencies that, without people with disabilities, would remain hidden, suppressed.

Getting into certain conditions, with the right support, a person reaches a qualitatively new level of interaction, which is needed and demanded by the world.

We are studying these conditions, the unique framework of possibilities that have activated the special inner abilities hidden in each person.

Extrability - New Abilities is a large-scale social project aimed at achieving the sustainable development goals declared by the United Nations. It is designed to organize effective interaction between people with disabilities and people without disabilities, to integrate people with disabilities into society, revealing the inner potential of all participants in the movement and providing them with opportunities for personal development, professional and creative success.