Extrability Games
The Extrability Games project contributes to the development of an inclusive environment in society through the support of education, creativity and sports.

Inclusion (inclusion) is a process that began in the field of education with the education of children with physical disabilities in ordinary non-specialized schools on an equal basis with healthy children. Properly organized inclusion allows you to involve representatives of different social groups in constructive interaction.

Extrability Games is a sports and creative celebration that brings people together and teaches them to achieve goals together in an atmosphere of friendship and cooperation.

Extrability Games are an opportunity to test yourself in unusual conditions and learn more about those who live nearby, but in a different way.
About the project
The goal of the project is to increase social and business activity, trust and mutual respect between young people with disabilities and their healthy peers through inclusive sports and cultural events.

The events of the project take place within one day. The program includes: sports and creative competitions of participants, presentations and exhibitions, performances by Russian and foreign performers, as well as:

  • blindfold tandem racing;
  • the mysterious "Dark Room";
  • the most delicious "Cooking Show";
  • interactive master classes;
  • advanced gadgets of modern disabled people;
  • beautiful vocals and incendiary dances;
  • virtuosic playing of musical instruments;
  • contests and prizes;
  • funny flash mobs and other activities.

The idea of inclusion is expressed in the composition of the participants: mixed teams participate in the games, including both healthy people and people with disabilities. As a result of the Games, inclusive teams of volunteers are formed, who are immediately involved in socially beneficial activities for their city or district, and the venue for the event becomes the center for the development of inclusion.

Colorful brochures, booklets and comics help healthy people and people with physical disabilities overcome barriers in communication and interaction. Target audience of events: high school students, 1st and 2nd year students of universities and colleges, their teachers.

Extrability Games in various formats have been held in the Sverdlovsk region since 2012 at the sites of the Ural State Forest Engineering University and the Prometheus summer recreation camp. The International Extrability Games were held on January 8 and May 22, 2014 at the Youth Palace in Yekaterinburg. They were attended by guests from Nepal and Germany, from all over the Sverdlovsk region and other regions of Russia.

The Extrability Games project attracted new partners with its originality and novelty. In addition to the implementation of educational, educational and developmental tasks, such events allow conducting scientific research to study the impact of an inclusive environment on the quality of teamwork.

The Extrability Games project is a creative change in the world with the help of talents, fortitude and creative initiative of people with disabilities for the benefit of all!

We invite participants and partners to support the Games!

If you want to become a volunteer and take part in the organization and holding of the Extrability Games, please contact the project coordinator

Vasilyeva Irina