Business city
Business City has been held annually since 2013 in the Verkhnepyshminskaya school named after Martirosyan S.A. The business game "Business City" was created by students of the boarding school with the support of WHITE CANE NGO.
The essence of the game is modeling the socio-economic environment of a modern city. As part of the game, each participant can provide a certain socially significant service to the residents of a business city and demonstrate the competencies of an organizer, entrepreneur, mentor, specialist and consumer. In the process of preparing for the game, everyone who wants to take part in it will have the opportunity to listen to master classes that form knowledge and skills, which will allow participants to successfully implement individual projects within the game. The innovation and uniqueness of the project is that students of schools and vocational schools, including those with disabilities, receive special competencies and social skills in business management.

The main objective of the "Business City" project is to find a business that is interesting in all respects and stimulate the social and business activity of students with and without disabilities
According to the Federal State Statistics Service for 2020, 10.9 million citizens with disabilities are registered in Russia, of which 704,496 people are children, 144,840 are aged 15 to 17 years.
The number of disabled people of working age is 3.848 million people. (26.33%), of which only 1.013 million people work. ( Low employment rates, including in the field of business and entrepreneurship, are explained by many reasons: lack of professional knowledge, education, socially significant personal qualities, fear of entering the “open” labor market, unwillingness to interact in the conditions of performing work duties, insufficient awareness of people people with disabilities and their environment about modern opportunities and technologies for working in an inclusive professional environment, low motivation for employment.
The "Business City" project is offered to schoolchildren, applicants, students and everyone who is interested in playing a role-playing business game, during which everyone can try their hand at their favorite business. The game consists of two stages:
Goals of the project
  • 1
    Developing business and project work skills among project participants
  • 2
    Stimulation of social and business activity of youth in the development of a new space
  • 3
    Creating motivation to focus on professional activities
  • 4
    Formation of a positive attitude towards any business among the participants
  • 5
    Inclusion of participants in inclusive interaction and development of Extrability project target groups
Video about the project
We invite you to participate:

  • Students from other schools
  • Applicants and university students
  • Partners who want to support us
  • And just people who are too lazy to live badly!
The head of the project

Kolpashchikov Oleg

Project coordinator
Vasilyeva Irina

Project Administrator
Klimenko Diana