White Cane’s mission is to inspire people, both healthy and with disabilities, to become independent, successful and helpful to the society. We believe this may happen thanks to the ‘Extrability’ concept.

“Extrability” (a combination of ‘extra’ and ‘ability’) is a philosophy, principle of action and rule of living for people at White Cane Social Movement. We are convinced that those people with disabilities who have been able to adapt to their physical statuses, and got back to life among other people – had activized special capabilities inherent in us all. With their inner strengths now open at hand, they are seeking to share their special knowledge and help others to uncover their dormant energies. In our private, we call such people ‘positive invalids’.

Our values

  • Activism. We abandon a passive attitude and speculation on disabilities in favor of action. We are looking for opportunities to implement our talents, capabilities and skills.
  • Positive thinking. No matter what we do – we do it in a good mood. We inspire others with our fortitude and staminas.
  • The public good. We aspire to contribute to people around us – at work, in our public and personal lives, and beyond the world of people with disabilities.
  • Informed choice. We choose by ourselves who we are – people with disabilities or people with extabilities.

This is by law of nature that whenever there’s less in one place, there is surely more in another. A person impaired in some way physically will develop automatically one or several other abilities to be able to live. Rarely can healthy people compare with people in wheelchairs in assiduity and patience. Likewise, healthy people are suprised how good non-sighted people can operate while in information gap.