Archpriest George Kohno
St. Nicholas Cathedral, Washington, DC, the Orthodox Church in America
“It is with pleasure and joy that I have been watching the success of White Cane for some years now. The triumph of the human spirit over physical limitations is inspiring me and everyone who has ever got to know with White Cane.Oleg’s and his fellow mates’ experiences allow us to look at life differently, do deeper soul searching, and find ones way in the service of neighbor!I wish spiritual benefits and blessings to the sponsors and all people of good will who are helping Oleg and his fellows to bring hope, joy and full lives to hundreds of people with disabilities! I hope that the new website will be another useful tool in achieving the noble goal: fostering a full life for many!
With deep respect and wishes of success in conquering new spiritual heights!”
About ‘Look Wider’ photobook:“I am picking up this book with great interest and awe. That is because I have known its author, Oleg Kolpashchikov, for a couple of years now. He and his colleagues have been coming to Germany for the annual ‘International Dialogue: the EU – CIS’ conference aimed at social protection and integration of people with disabilities. The audience has received Oleg’s bright, informative presentations with an unvarying interest. Moreover, although his performances are always accompanied by excellent video presentation, it is this book that allows you to understand clearly how extraordinary courageous, cheerful and optimistic these people are, even though fate gave them a rough ride.However, their talent, creativity, sensitivity to life allows them to overcome many challenges and take their rightful place in society, which is just beginning to understand that these young, active people with disabilities need conditions for self-realization rather than plain material support. When they have these conditions, their return to society will increase many times.
Oleg is not only a talented person, wonderful manager and tireless enthusiast, but also a great writer. [In his book] He chose the form of a dialogue to talk in a light, ironic manner about the overcoming, the triumph of the spirit, and the unlimited capabilities of man, illustrated by beautiful photographs by Natasha Podunova.
I highly recommend this book to German readers, as it will help them learn more about this little-known side of Russian life and meet its wonderful citizens. Especially, I recommend this book to young readers, as it gives us hope and faith that all life’s difficulties can be overcome, if we do not give up.
Good luck to you, Oleg! Let there be health, happiness with you! Let all your ideas come true!”
Judy Mukabi
Hotel Manager, Azul Margarita Beach Resort, Mombasa, Kenya
Dear Oleg, it was a great pleasure meeting and interacting with you on your visit to
mombasa and at Azul Margarita Beach Resort.Thank you very much for the wonderful training on how to handle and communicate with people with disabilities. It was awesome.
Both the theory and the practical training you did has given us a better understanding of the challenges people with disabilities face in interaction and communication, and it has also helped remove the fear that is always there when serving a person with disability.
We highly appreciate the knowledge you gave us for it will be quite helpful when serving people with disabilities at the hotel, at home as well as in the society where we live. We can now have the confidence to encourage our brothers and sisters with disabilities with the understanding that they are helpful in the society and they can do quite alot despite their disabilities.
Thank you for choosing Azul Margarita Beach Resort as the pioneer of this training. It was quite an honor and we look forward to seeing you again on your next visit to Mombasa.
Kind Regards!
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