Freediving for everyone
The Freediving for Everyone project aims to create experiences of positive interaction between different social groups.
Many people in today's society are at risk of being socially isolated. Among them are people with disabilities, overcoming addictions, people with HIV and many others.
Freediving is underwater swimming while holding your breath. Experienced athletes are able to do without air for several minutes and dive tens of meters under water without using scuba gear. Trainings and competitions of Yekaterinburg freedivers in open water are most often held at the Lazurny quarry near Nizhny Tagil. Its depth reaches 70 meters.
At the same time, communities are rapidly developing where social boundaries are practically erased, for example, amateur sports communities, associations of interest.
The goal of our project is to give participants the opportunity to successfully engage in amateur sports through freediving. This significantly improves the quality of life and expands the possibilities for realizing personal potential. We also seek to develop engagement practices within the amateur sports community that allow all parties to benefit from inclusive communication.

Why freediving?
Freediving classes require mandatory interaction between participants, which develops the skill of building effective communication with very different people.
Mikhail Voitsekhovsky, the head of the project — "The idea is that by doing some kind of sport, a person gains positive experience by interacting with other people. There is an opportunity to feel their importance and necessity. These are people with unique experience, they were able to cope with life's difficulties, in they have a unique resource"
Video about the project
The head of the project

Voitsekhovsky Mikhail