Emotional Rejuvenation via Body Therapy

Integrating your physical self into your development process.

Dive into a world of darkness and silence and reveal talents and abilities in yourself hidden up until now! People with visual and hearing disabilities will be your guides.

The uniqueness of the “Revival” masterclass is that participants will enter a realm of interaction that allows them to uncover repressed emotions and develop your emotional intelligence by getting to know talents and abilities of socially successful people with physical limitations.

On a “Revival” performance you will learn not only to trust the world and yourself, but also to recognize positive and negative emotions, and even control them!

Cost of participation – 500 Rubles – registration fee. Payment can be made at the end of the masterclass. Rate the importance of the masterclass and express your gratitude based on your perception.
Duration of the masterclass – 1 hour
Meeting venue: ANO “White Cane” Yekaterinburg, Cheluskentsev 29 st.

Authors of the masterclass: Konstantin Barrannikov (Константин Баранников) – founder of Extrability movement, CEO “Institute of management design and competitive strategies

Hosts of the masterclass
Those, who showed their extrabilities
  • Oleg Kolpashchikov
    President of ANO “White Cane”, project leader of “Sails of The Spirit”
  • Tatyana Lugvina
    creator of inclusive digital studio “LeTO”, winner of the “Young entrepreneur of Russia”, contest, deputy of chairman of youth government of Sverdlovsk Oblast
  • Sergei Kataev
    trainer of inclusive interaction, teacher of computer literacy for sightless people.
  • Members of Extrability movement
  • Alexey Palkin
    Presenter of the “Revival” training, trainer for the development of emotional intelligence
  • Evgenia Cherepanova
    Massage nurse, marathon runner
  • Irina Bausheva
    Emotional Intelligence Development Trainer
In the Programm:
  • You will find out what is “extrability,” how to express your formerly hidden talents and abilities and also we will uncover the secret of emotional intelligence
  • Art therapy and a work on one’s own emotions under directions of a deaf coach
  • Wandering in the dark under the escort of a sightless person. Trust and then you will take a confident step forward and touch your inner world.
Master class schedule (registration is open)
March 10 (Sunday)
12:00, 13:00
March 24 (Saturday)
12:00, 13:00
April 13 (Saturday)
12:00, 13:00
April 27 (Sunday)
12:00, 13:00
May 10 (Friday)
12:00, 13:00
May 25 (Saturday)

12:00, 13:00
Application for participation
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Registration for the master class
Manager of ANO "WHITE CANE"

Vasilyeva Irina