Inclusive managerial battles
Inclusive managerial battles is a negotiation technique for resolution of conflictual situations in a peaceful way. A technique, which teaches how to achieve the result by maintaining relationships even in tense situations.
Managerial battle is an intellectual negotiation between two participants, who often are representatives of various social groups.
The technique was developed by a social technologist of the Tolyatti school of managers - Vladimir Tarasov.

The idea of inclusive managerial battles belongs to Tatyana Tsitser - the arbiter of the Tolyatti-based club of managerial combat, member of the committee of regional division of Federation of Managerial Combat (FOMC) (ФУБ) of Samara oblast, member of FOMC.

In 2019 the first experimental inclusive managerial battles tournament was organized at the time of holding of inclusive days at Kinel-Cherkassy based branch of the medical college of Tolyatti, sponsored by Tolyatti based club of managerial combat, within the congress for people with physical limitations, students with vision disabilities from the Kinel-Cherkassy branch of the medical college and students without disabilities from Kinel-Cherkassy agricultural technical college took part in the tournament. After the tournament the judges, who have experience in uncovering hidden talents and abilities of representatives of various social groups and their positive transformation found out that not only an intention for understanding is formed under conditions of a conflictual situation between people with disabilities and other social groups,
but also the perception of a disabled person as weak and laggard disappears.

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    In 2020, in the period of limitations connected with the pandemic a decision was taken to create a group of volunteer organizers and move the project into online format.
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    In November of 2020 library named after Leo N. Tolstoy During the inclusive days in Sevastopol, Sponsored by ООО(limited liability company) “trans-biznis-Konsalting-Yug”(“Trening-biznes Konsalting” since 2022) held the first online inclusive managerial battles tournament. After the tournament, test inclusive battles in English language were held online, participants of which were representatives of the USA, Great Britain, Israel, China, Sri-Lanka, Venezuela and Russia.
Inclusive managerial battles
Lead experts
  • Tatyana Tsitser
    Arbiter of the club of managerial combat of Tolyatti city, member of the committee of regional division of Federation of Managerial Combat of Samara oblast, member of FOMC
  • Oleg Kalpashchikov
    President of White Cane NGO
  • Tatyana Vladimerova
    owner and the manager of OOO “Trening-Biznis-Konsalting”, certified corporate trainer, chairwoman of regional departament of FOMC of Krasnodar city, an Arbiter and a Judge of FOMC
  • Alexey Hristolubov
    inclusive managerial combat instructor, judge of managerial battles


Inclusive managerial battles are inextricably connected with communication between representatives of various social groups, during such interaction players of different ages, occupations and physical abilities share their life experience with each other and also get into different social characters determined by a situation. Such practice forms a more broad understanding of aspects of life that players could be familiar with only superficially or could not be familiar at all, apart from that participants of such games might get a valuable experience of peaceful conflict resolution.

Inclusive managerial battles have two stages - preparation and the battle itself. At the time of preparation players think over their answers on a phrase determined in a situation and arguments of an opponent together with a mediator, a host does a draw of players and recites a situation before the battle.
At the time of a battle players try to come to compromise and stay a positive hero.
At the end of a round a turn pass happens. After the battle is finished judges of one of three councils choose players from the point of a sender for negotiations, a one hiring for a job or a one trusting a property. A battle ends after a timer expires or ahead of a scheduled time.
A club of inclusive managerial combat was organized inside the Extrability movement. The club holds the battles every Thursday two times a month at 18:00 by Yekaterinburg time in Russian and English in hybrid format: Online - using Zoom platform or offline at the office of White Cane ANPO(Autonomous Non-Profit Organization) by the address: Yekaterinburg city, Chelyuskintsev 29 st.

Project Manager
Kolpashchikov Oleg

Project coordinator
Ksenia Zaitseva