The social movement WHITE CANE is a non-commercial organization, founded and run by blind people. Our work is a constant social experiment. We seek to find new ways to activate and develop the talents of people with disabilities.
There are new social projects  and professions that use the highest level of abilities of the blind – ExtrAbility. People with visual disabilities are actively involved in interaction with representatives of other social groups and promote the inclusion of others. This is a new culture in which the maximum number of talents of the maximum number of social groups in interaction is realized.
  • To do the impossible.
  • A native world creates.
  • Openness and creation.
  • The recognition itself.
The mission of the social movement WHITE CANE – we create the world in wich the abilities of the highest level (extrability) are implemented.
We would be happy to welcome everyone who attempts to implement his or her creative, entrepreneurial, civic and other positive ideas.


“With great pleasure and joy, over the years I have been watching the activities of WHITE CANE. The glory of the human spirit in overcoming limited abilities inspires me personally and everybody who gets in touch with WHITE CANE. The role models of Oleg and his peers allow one to approach their lives differently, to review their values and to find their own ways to serve others! I hope that the new website will be a useful tool in reaching the benevolent goal of helping others to find a way to live a full life.”
George Kokhno, associate priest, St. Nicholas Cathedral, Washington DC, USA
“When I met Oleg Kolpashchikov, I felt that it was me who was blind, not him. I thought so because it was me who didn’t notice many joys in life. This man changed the attitude to the circumstances; he made the conditions work to his benefit. He is an independent and self-sufficient man, a successful business coach, who has found his niche in the environment of nondisabled people, that is, in the open labor market. He changed his attitude to life completely, and life turned its bright side to him. I am sure that he is happier than thousands of nondisabled people.”
Dmitry Sergin, member of the Yekaterinburg city parliament

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