August 13, 2013 (Ekaterinburg) White Cane in conjunction with Sverdlovsk Regional Library for the Blind, “Window to the World” public organization and Mid-Urals Traditional Culture Center presents a festive programme prepared for fellow citizens in advance of the 290th anniversary of Ekaterinburg.

Dear people of Ekaterinburg! As the City’s 290th Anniversary nears, White Cane and its colleagues of the Window to the World, Library for the Blind, and Mid-Urals Traditional Culture Center have prepared a series of festive events for your attention and entertainment. The events will continue from Aug 16 through Aug 18th.

We have concerts, contests, arts workshops, book exhibition, photo gallery and much more – for you to come and see. Every guest will have an opportunity to discover an exotic world of creativity as presented by people with disabilities.

Young Readers for City of Childhood. Kids Festival

August 16, 2013. 12.00 – 15.00
78, Frunze Street, Ekaterinburg
Sverdlovsk Regional Special Library for the Blind


Concert performed by children with visual disabilities.  
Venue: Library’s staircase. Lots of songs, dance, declamation and fun.

Arts workshops
Instructors: artists of Mid-Urals Traditional Culture Center, library staff and readers (who are also members of White Cane).

  • Master classes in pottery, clay modeling and traditional textile dolls of the Middle Urals. (Mid-Urals Traditional Culture Center).
  • Decorative painting on glass (stained glass technique). Irina Korableva (White Cane).
  • Paper wickerwork. Sergey Uimin (White Cane).

“Half Book Half Toy”. Presentation of a book series
Exhibition of special-format books for young kids with visual disabilities. What kind of books can blind babies read? What is special about their reading? You’ll be able to read such books by eyes and by the hand.

Massage in the dark
Massage therapists with complete visual disability are offering hand and shoulder massage in a dark room inside the Library.

Blidfolded walks of the city
Young instructors of White Cane will guide you through a breath-taking walk with your eyes closed with an eye-patch.

Letest books by Urals publishers
“The Urals: Culture Routes”, “Folk Artistic Crafts of Middle Ural”, “Ural: a Drive That Won’t Stop” are among the book novelties to be presented by Ekaterina Wagner (MUTCC).

“De Guenin” Kids Bar
“De Guenin” Kids Bar will offer a special service throughout the event. Enjoy refreshments from our blind barman who will use special equipment to prepare drinks.

The Festival’s best performers and artists will present their works and skills at the extrAbility show that will take place on August 18th (see below).

Festival’s presenters:

-Artem Mamylin, extrAbility presenter, as Vassily Tatischev
-Vladimir Vaskevich, White Cane activist, visually disabled, as Wilhelm de Guenin

ExtrAbility Show

August 18, 2013, 15:00
Ekaterinburg, Mayakovsky Park (CPKIO), main entrance


People of EXTRA capabilities are ready to share their very special craft. It took them a long way to become masters. No matter the hardships they had faced,  these people had faith and devotion to become who they are now.


  • Blind chefs cooking show
  • Non-visual massage practices
  • Basketry workshop
  • Stained glass workshop
  • Walks of the park with a blindfold
  • Performances by blind musicians and dancers
  • “Light by the Touch” photo exhibition
  • Video documentary about the “Sails of the spirit”, an incredible world sailing tour ventured upon by people with disabilities.

Extra: we are giving a selling exhibition of unique souvenirs under the «Made by extrAbility» trademark. Every pennie collected through the exhibition will help finance the purchase of a tandem bicycle for Ekaterinburg para-athletes.

Come over and bring your families!


Victoria Arsentyeva – Library for the Blind, Deputy Director
Phone: +7 (343) 257 3252

Artem Mamylin – extrAbility Show presenter