July 11 will be the second presentation of the international exhibition International Inclusive Expo. A lot of work was done, every week the organizers gathered and worked on the concept of the exhibition. We invite you to join the presentation of the exhibition concept and a small “brainstorming”, where we together will outline the main goals. Also, the Inclusive Expo presentation will present some projects and events on the formation of an inclusive culture, carried out in preparation for the Expo. For example, the publication of a monograph on the topic of extrability at the Trans-Baikal University, conducting international mix-excursions, preparing for the Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation “Extrability as a phenomenon of inclusive culture” and others. A presentation will be held on the Zoom platform, July 11 at 16:00 Moscow time. Working languages ​​- Russian and English, consecutive translation will be organized. To participate, fill out a short form, in the header of this form you will also find a link to connect: https://forms.gle/istaEt3idf3k489H9

Presentations of speakers and information about the project will be published in the exhibition group: https://web.facebook.com/groups/1078611375840822

Recall that the International Inclusive Expo exhibition should combines social and sporting events, research and socially responsible business strategies, cultural heritage and modern technology around the ideology of manifestation and activation of social, creative and economic potential of people with disabilities, older people veterans of wars and military conflicts, sports veterans, people who overcame addiction, members of national minorities and other social groups, whose potential was invisible in obsolete and pastsocial processes.

The initiative group included the organizers of the I World Congress Of People with Limited health opportunities, which was successfully held in the Sverdlovsk region in 2017, bringing together more than 720 delegates from thirty countries from five continents and, for the first time, under the motto “See the value of each by offering the public a dialogue to find a new role for people with HIA in shaping an inclusive culture on a bottom-up basis.

All questions regarding presentation and connection can be asked to the coordinator: Anna Semiletova, + 7-912-66-33-734, ania.semiletova@yandex.ru

Exhibition partners:

Organization “Extrability. Latvia”

ANO NPSPO “Blagoye delo”

Transbaikal State University

Ural Federal University

David Yellin College of Education

Kinel-Cherkasy branch of the Togliatti Medical College


“WHITE CANE Sevastopol” NGO

LLC “Institute for Management Design and Competitive Strategies”

The first presentation of the Inclusive Expo. Part 1

The first presentation of the Inclusive Expo. Part 2