Date: December 6, 2017




  1. Introduction
  2. Implementation of the event
    1. Objectives
    2. Tasks
    3. Organizers of the Conference
    4. Formats of Conferences
    5. Scale of the Conference
    6. Venue of the Conference
    7. Rules of the event and preparation of the information letter
    8. Prerequisites for the organization of the Conference
    9. Sponsorship
    10. Program
  1. How to promote the conference
  • Email newsletter
  • Facebook and Vk
  • Own site
  1. Results
The mission of the social movement “WHITE CANE” is to inspire disabled people and healthy people to become independent, successful in life and useful to other people.

It becomes possible by the concept of “Extability”.

“Extrability” is the philosophy, the principle of action and the rule of life of the social movement “WHITE CANE”. We believe that people with disabilities, who have been able to adapt to their physical status and to return to life in society, have activated the special internal opportunities that are hidden in every person. By opening the access to internal resources, such people seek to help other people to find dormant forces and abilities in themselves. We call these people “positive disabled people.”

The concept of Extrability is the abilities of the highest quality, by the term “extrability” we mean a person with these abilities.

Our values:

Activism. We abandon a passive attitude and speculation on disabilities in favor of action. We are looking for opportunities to implement our talents, capabilities and skills.

Positive thinking. No matter what we do – we do it in a good mood. We inspire others with our fortitude and staminas.

The public good. We aspire to contribute to people around us – at work, in our public and personal lives, and beyond the world of people with disabilities.

Informed choice. We choose by ourselves who we are – people with disabilities or people with extabilities.

The values and philosophy of ANO “WHITE CANE” are directly related to the principles of new psychology developed at the Institute of design management and competitive strategies:

 Principles and presuppositions of the New Psychology

1.We develop the cultural capital instead of connecting to the «Unconscious Collective».

    1. Formation of flow and measurability instead of magic.
    2. Willingness to perceive and use the cultural capital is a competence that should be developed.

2.Conflict creates a difference of potentials for moving forward.

    1. Everyone has hidden resources.
    2. The conflict is connected not with a problem and not with a trauma, but with the experience and the skill of suppressing your own resources.
    3. The conflict is supported by the reference states to which a person compares and understands a difference.
    4. There are no problems – there are actively suppressed personal resources.
    5. Environmental friendliness is a state when a person do not want to live badly anymore.

3.We treat everything that happens as a force, as a support, which opens up the new opportunities and is the door to the new talents.

    1. Changes are always for the better.
    2. The transition state provides a sustainable result.
    3. The transition is when there is no road back, and it is more joyful than frightening.

4.We are ready to wait a lifetime for the moment when you express yourself as the best and the most humane.

    1. Changes always come on time.
    2. Next time you will be surprised again.
    3. The most insulting thing is that you will have to live well anyway.

5.Understanding is priceless.

    1. In your world, everyone is necessary because only in cooperation with others your hidden talents develop.
    2. Understanding is the limitation.


The term “inclusion” we understand as including the maximum amount of talents and abilities of a person. In terms of activities related to people with disabilities, inclusion is the interaction of people with disabilities with representatives of other social groups. Inclusive interaction involves the creation of inclusive product that is valuable for the maximum representatives of social groups.

How can we access the quality of inclusive interaction with people with disabilities?

How can we access the maximum inclusion of a person with a disability in inclusive interaction of creating of inclusive product?

If we replace a person with a disability during the inclusive interaction of creating of inclusive product with a person without a disability, the quality of the product should be unrecognizable and its value should fall.

The same criterion applies to inclusion not only with people with disabilities, but also with representatives of different social groups: dependent, children, representatives of public organizations, government authorities, representatives of business, educational organizations, civic activists, professionals, older persons with disabilities, citizens of different countries, etc.

The organization of an inclusive conference has a number of specific factors, that need to be addressed.

The fact that the event was attended by representatives of different social groups makes this event unique.

An inclusive conference is a project in which representatives of different social groups interact:

  • People with disabilities;
  • Persons who have used narcotic or psychotropic substances without a doctor’s appointment, who underwent a rehabilitation course and are on a post-rehabilitation program;
  • Foreign participants (if the conference is held at the international level and foreign speakers and listeners are involved, Thomas Krause, Chairman of the International Coordinating Committee, initiator of the International Congress movement for people with disabilities);
  • Representatives of education (Serova Nina Borisovna, Director of the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Youth Policy of the UrFU, Galaguzova Yulia Nikolaevna, Head of the Chair of Pedagogics, USPU)
  • Business representatives (Gartseva Julia, the head of commercial projects of USTA Hotels, Toto Darch, Deputy General Director of the bid committee Ekaterinburg World EXPO-2025, Piskunov Alexey Borisovich, Executive Director of PJSC Airport Koltsovo, Barannikov Konstantin, General Director of the Institute of Design Management and Competitive strategies)
  • Government authorities (Nikiforov Aleksey Ivanovich, Advisor to the Minister of Social Policy of the Sverdlovsk Region, Sobolev Andrey Olegovich Minister of International and Foreign Economic Relations of the Sverdlovsk Region)
  • Creative figures (Trofimova Darya Andreevna, head of the exhibition projects Department of the Center of Traditional Folk Culture of the Middle Urals)
  • Heads of public organizations (Gnusareva Elena Pavlovna, head of the inclusive dance studio “Vivat”, member of the International Organizing Committee of the International Festival “Inclusive dance” (Moscow), Kolpashchikov Oleg Borisovich, President of the ANO “White cane”)
A distinctive feature of the inclusive conference is that the number of speakers and participants includes people with disabilities and people with dependency that qualitatively affects the setting of the goal of the event and its outcome.

In our case, the objective was to discuss and then to create inclusive regional and urban services on the basis of the decisions of the Congress and the UN Convention to support the application of EXPO-2025 in Russia.

– Search for a venue;

– Personnel training;

– Development of the program of the event;

– Photo and video report, digest of Articles.

The organizing committee was composed of:

The Ministry of social policy of Sverdlovsk region,


OOO “Institute of design management and competitive strategies”,

ANO NESPO “Blagoe delo”,

GAUDO SO “Palace of youth”,

GBUK SO “Sverdlovsk regional special library for the blind”.

Scientific conferences can be held in full-time and extra-mural format.  Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The full-time format of the conference allows to gather all interested in development and hearing of the topic people in one place. They communicate with each other, ask questions, get acquainted. However, not everyone can visit it, because conferences are held, as a rule, in large cities. The advantage of extra-mural conference is the opportunity to visit the event online, the publication of reports on the official website is available regardless of the place of study and residence. The program of extra-mural conference allows to reduce the cost of the event, there is no problem of obtaining visas for students. Also, not everyone can afford to break away from the educational process for one or two weeks. When conducting the correspondence of the conference, this separation does not occur. When the extra-mural conference is held, people can not break away from their affairs.

For organizing the extra-mural conference, you can use the platform for webinars, for example, or similar. For using the functions of the platform, you need to select the necessary tariff on the website and pay for it. To record a webinar you will need a laptop and a microphone.

There are 2 types of conferences by scale: Russian (all-Russian) and international. Their main difference is that in international conference non-residents of the host country can take part.

In our case, Thomas Krause, the initiator of the World Congress of People with Disabilities, took part in the conference. He also participated in the organization and conduct of the First World Congress, which took place in September 2017.

When making the plan of event it’s necessary to focus on a certain number of listeners. When the exact number of participants of the conference becomes known, the hall is rented. Everyone should be provided with a seating position. Preference should be given to a hall with good acoustics, because the main objective of the conference is to convey to the people information. A person speaking in a microphone should be clearly audible, both in the front and in the back rows.

The number of participants of inclusive conference should be 20 percent less than the seating capacity of the hall for organization the context of free inclusive interaction.

Characteristics of the hall for holding an inclusive conference:

– Accessible environment (ramps, lifts for wheelchairs, accessible toilets)

– Seating capacity;

– Good illumination;

– High quality cosmetic repair, the absence of falling tiles on the floor and walls, flashing lights, sliding wallpaper;

– Cleanliness of the hall;

– Presence of a scene or a chair for speakers, and the necessary number of sockets for installing of sound equipment.

In our case, the conference was held on the territory of the Center of Traditional Folk Culture of the Middle Urals at the address: Ekaterinburg, Chapaeva str., 10., with a seating capacity up to 100 people. The Center’s management provided all the necessary equipment (projector for presentations of speakers, microphones, audio equipment). There was also a space for a coffee-break and a meeting room.

Rules and an information letter are documents that that must necessarily be provided by the organizers of the conference. The rules specify the main topics for discussion at the conference, its stages, order of speech, themes of speech. The rules describe the procedure of the selection of students for the conference. The information letter is sent by the organizers to all companies and organizations that may be interested in participating in the event. The letter contains all the necessary information on the conduct of the conference. The theme of the event and the order of its holding specify. The information letter indicates: the objectives and tasks of the conference; analysis of problems at the conference; languages which the event will be held; the format of the conference – full-time or extra-mural; the application form for participation.
– To gather the speakers of the conference, the themes of their speeches. The program of the conference should include those who spoke on the fact.

– If necessary, must be provided
sign language interpretation, and printing of handouts in Braille.

–  One of the main tasks of inclusive conference it’s organization of networking in order to create later joint projects and inclusive services that organize interaction between representatives of different social groups. For this, all participants are invited to prepare presentation materials about the activities, organizations that they represent.

– Additional time for networking is allocated during coffee breaks.

Specificities for coffee-breaks in an inclusive environment:

– Availability of volunteers for people with special needs in assistance in nutrition assistance

– Tables for blind and wheelchair users of suitable height

– It’s necessary to take into account the preferences and limitations in nutrition (vegetarian menu, allergies, etc.)

– After the conference, a list of participants’ contacts is sent to all participants who have given their consent to access their contact information.

– Volunteers should have insignias and offer their services to people with alternative needs and opportunities

– Training of volunteers is carried out at least an hour before the event

– The organizers visit the conference venue at least once at least 24 hours before the event

– Financial;

– Enterprises can help with their products or services (provision of territory for the conference at no charge, catering services, provision of sound or other equipment).

Work on the formation of the program consists of the following stages:

  1. Definition of the main thematic focus of the conference;
  2. Definition of the sectional focus of the conference;
  3. Selection of speakers and thematic, logical separation of units.

The program of the inclusive conference

Conference program:

09:00-10: 00 Registration

10: 00-12:30 1 BLOCK

Experience of implementing social innovations. Contribution of each member of the International Organizing Committee

Moderator: Aleksey Ivanovich Nikiforov, Advisor to the Minister of Social Policy of Sverdlovsk Region, chairman of the project office of the First World Congress of People with disabilities.


  • Alexei Nikiforov, Advisor to the Minister of Social Policy of Sverdlovsk region, chairman of the project office of the First World Congress of People with disabilities; theme: “Values ​​of the First World Congress of People with Disabilities”.
  • Thomas Kraus, Chairman of the International Coordination Committee, initiator of the international congress for persons with a disability movement.
  • Elena Pavlovna Gnusareva, the head of the inclusive dance studio “Vivat”, a member of the International Organizing Committee of the International Festival “Inclusive dance” (Moscow), a member of the World Association of Inclusive Dance “WORLD INCLUSIVE DANCE ASSOSIATION” (Manchester, Great Britain); theme “The experience of preparation and holding of the first inclusive ball”.
  • Oleg Borisovich Kolpashchikov, President of the ANO “WHITE TROY”, member of the International Organizing Committee of the First World Congress of People with disabilities, member of the Organizational Committee of the Third Russian Congress of People with disabilities; theme: “From inclusion of people with disabilities to systemic inclusion.”
  • Konstantin Valerievich Shevchenko, director of the GAUDO SO “Palace of youth”.
  • Irina Anatolievna Gilfanova, Director of the “Sverdlovsk Regional Special Library for the Blind”; theme: “Library for the blind in inclusive interaction and promotion of information accessibility”.
  • Konstantin Barannikov, General Director of the Institute of Design Management and Competitive Strategies; theme: “Theoretical prerequisites for creating a model for assessing the quality of training and educational programs built on the basis of inclusive interaction”.

12: 30-14:00 Coffee break

14:00-16:10 2 BLOCK

Transforming the world: economic indicators and aspects for future activities and events organized on the principles of inclusion.

Moderator: Oleg Borisovich Kolpashchikov (president of the ANO “WHITE CANE”), Svetlana Borodina (project coordinator of the ANO “WHITE CANE”),


  • Julia Gartseva, Head of commercial projects at USTA Hotels.
  • Daria Andreevna Trofimova, Head of the Exhibition Projects Department of the Center for Traditional Folk Culture of the Middle Urals; theme: “The work of the Center of Traditional Folk Culture in the field of inclusion.”
  • Olga Sergeevna Zavitaeva, Director of Regional Employment Center of State and Municipal Management”; theme: “From the experience of implementing the social and educational project”Forming communicative competence for interaction with people with disabilities”.
  • Alexey Borisovich Piskunov, Executive Director, Airport Koltsovo.
  • Toto Darch, Deputy General Director of the bid committee Ekaterinburg World EXPO-2025; theme: “Ekaterinburg EXPO-2015. The candidate city. “
  • Andrey Sergeevich Kalmykov, non-commercial partnership “Ural without drugs”; topic: “Cross-rehabilitation”.
  • Tatyana Vyacheslavovna Presnikova, employee of the Institute of Design Management and Competitive Strategies; theme: “Methods of objectifying the phenomenon of inclusive interaction”.

16:30-17:30 3 BLOCK

We model the future. The influence of Congress on the region, country and world.

Moderator: Vera Igorevna Simakova, General Director of ANO “Blagoe Delo”


  • Alexandra Aleksandrovna Lazareva, President of the ANO “WHITE CANE Sevastopol”, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Third Russian Congress of People with disabilities; theme: “Presentation of the Third Russian Congress of People with disabilities 2018 in Sevastopol”.
  • Ranokhon Dodojonova, The organizer of the First Tajik Congress of people with disabilities.
  • Svetlana S. Borodina, Project Coordinator, ANO “WHITE CANE”; theme: “The best world inclusive practices: technologies for inclusion of participants with disabilities of the First World Congress of People with disabilities”.
  • Thomas Kraus, initiator of the international congress for persons with a disability movement.

17:30-18:00 Feedback, the adoption of the resolution.

Conference languages: Russian, English.

  • Email Newsletter

Sending invitations to the conference by e-mail is the easiest way for promotion. Email letter should contain the theme of the conference, the rules and Regulations and the template for the application.

  • Facebook and Vk

Promotion of the conference will be effective if you create a group and purposefully invite students from large Russian universities. Also, if your organization has an already created group in social networks.


  • Own website

The official site of the conference, deduced in TOP-search brings good results, and attracts a large number of listeners. You should take care of the content of the site. The texts should be brief and informative.


Each conference should have a qualitative and quantitative result.

Each participant receives a folder with the program, the participants’ presentation material for networking, a badge, a notebook with a pen, an electronic certificate of the participant, a list of participants’ contacts for networking.

Speakers, organizers and volunteers receive thank-you letter from the main organizer of the conference.

The digest of articles of reports is given after processing video and audio records of the conference.

The quantitative results include the number of references to the event in the media, the wider the coverage, the more likely to find new potential participants for the next event.

Below are the references to the inclusive conference ” Social innovations: concepts, modeling of the future, integration of the decisions of the First World Congress of people with disabilities»:

The result of the conference can be considered a resolution, or an action plan, which is mandatory for implementation with an appointed deadline.

Video recording of the conference can be used as a training, or reporting for the further events of the organization.