September 16, 2013 (Ekaterinburg). White Cane sends out the support call from and for Sristy KC of Nepal, a visually impaired activist and leader of Blind Rocks! organization. The young lady is seeking to collect as much as US$ 1,100 to buy roundtrip tickets from India to Netherlads to be part of our announced Blind Date in the North Sea to be help on Sept 29, 2013.

Life is like a rhythm, we all must put up our dancing shoes to dance to our song, if not, nobody else will do it. Striving through life as a visually impaired person has given me the courage and strength to fight for a course that I believe is for me and other visually impaired persons. My limitation has become my springboard in life and I am ready to rock the world with my passion for dance.

I am Sristi K.C 24 years old blind woman from Nepal. I lost my eyesight at age 16. The steroid medicine prescribed by the doctor caused Glaucoma, which ultimately lead to complete blindness.

Once I lost my sight, I got the vision of my life. My passion to empower the blind people to enjoy life like any other sighted person grew. I realized that all over the world blind people are treated as objects of pity and charity. No, this should stop!

In Nepal I started organizing workshops and activities for the blind like dancing and river rafting. The positive reaction of the blind participants encouraged me to set “Blind Rocks!” an organization that will travel around the world to get the blind out of their comfort zones and empower them to be part of life. I plan dance: fashion shows with and for the blind, inter personal skills, and adventurous tours, such as rock climbing, white water rafting etc. When I got to know about White Cane Social Movement I was excited. This event going to be held on September 29, 2013 on a yacht called ‘Blind Date’ in the North Sea near Lelystad (Netherlands) could be big advantage for me. Because I found event’s main purpose is to promote positive and creative role of people with disabilities in the development of human society.

I believe I have much more to learn and also I am planning to organize dance workshop. How wonderful it would be if all the blind people are dancing without awkwardness?

To achieve this I am seeking for the financial support to fly to Netherland. For roundtrip the cost comes approximately $1100.
Currently am doing volunteer in Kanthari, an international institution for social visionaries in Kerala India. Therefore, I am using my Indian friend’s account no.

You may send your kind contribution over Sristy’s account in India or WCSM’s Russian account.

Sristy’s Account in India

Name: G. Karthikeyan
Account Number: 910010048454796
Bank: Axis Bank, Puducherry Branch Bank
Address: Axis Bank Ltd, 164, Bussy Street, Pondicherry
SWIFT/ IFSC Code: UTIB0000209

White Cane’s Account in Russia

Получатель: Ковалева Елена Викторовна
Номер карты: 4276 1600 1471 0918
Номер счета: 40817810016541585481
Банк получателя: ООО “Сбербанк России”
БИК: 046577674