For those with whom we are not familiar, let me introduce myself: 

My name is Oleg Kolpashchikov. I am a blind leader of the non-profit organization “White Cane” from Russia. The aim of our organization is to provide services in the field of creating conditions for the development of socially useful activities for people with disabilities, people in difficult situations and for those who overcome addictions. The organization started in 2010, when I worked as a consultant at “Integrative Business Processes”. A blind colleague approached me with a proposal to become a volunteer of a project to promote software for blind people. As a result of this volunteer campaign, we launched a special tariff for businessmen among blind people and called it “White Cane”. In the process of the initiative we had an idea of creating a non-profit organization. In 2011, the organization passed state registration and next year we are celebrating the anniversary of our activity in the field of the formation of an inclusive culture. Now we are holding socio-cultural and sports events in more than 30 countries and in half of 89 regions of Russia. This is the inclusion which is an important and integral component of each event.

Our speakers:

Our partners:

  • Rotary Club of Alexandria Cosmopolitan
  • The Village of Hope for Development and Rehabilitation of People with Intellectual Disabilities (VHDRPID)
  • The Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo)
  • State Nuclear Power Corporation ‘Rosatom”
  • Ural State Pedagogical University
  • Ural Federal University
  • Institute for Management Design and Competitive Strategies
  • Globe4all – an international information project on affordable tourism and travel without barriers

We understand inclusion not only as an interaction of people with disabilities with society, but also as an interaction in the society of representatives of different social groups: people with and without disabilities, elderly people, representatives of various social minorities, people who overcome alcohol and drug addiction.

What do we mean by inclusive interaction? This is an interaction of representatives of various social groups, various minorities, including socially excluded. Representatives of each social group have their own special talents and abilities, which we call Extrability. In interaction with representatives of other social groups, a person gets an opportunity to develop his inner hidden talents and abilities.

 What is an inclusive volunteering? This is participation in the organization and implementation of socially useful projects in which people with or without disabilities, and other social groups interact, in the process of which new business competencies are acquired. What is the main goal of the inclusive volunteering? Searching for your best project, the implementation of which will switch you to a new level in society. This is an opportunity to go to study, to start work or create your own social and commercial projects.

 What is the structure of the school of inclusive volunteering 2020? We will hold four webinars where experts in the field of inclusive volunteering from different countries will share  theoretical and practical knowledge off successful inclusive volunteering in countries with different socio-economic conditions. As part of the webinars, all school participants will have an opportunity to present their old and new volunteer activities and projects. On the one hand, you can get high-quality feedback from experts, on the other hand, attract new supporters of the inclusive volunteer movement from your own country and from other countries of the world into your activities. Thanks to technological and socio-economic changes in the world, we got an opportunity to create new useful projects online. The theme we have chosen for the School of Inclusive Volunteering 2020 is “Inclusive volunteering in tourism and sports.” And at the same time, we will be happy to scrutinize out volunteer activities related to other areas of activity.

 Among the speakers of the inclusive volunteering school will be Patrick Modave – a person who has organized inclusive tourism and sports activities in Belgium and other countries for more than 40 years. Oksana Aleksandrova – a lawyer, psychologist, social entrepreneur, founder of a unique project in the Urals – Gallery in the Dark “Look with your Heart”. Aryuna Saktueva – a deaf-blind girl from the capital of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude – who has become a tour guide in her city. Renat Anpilogov – CEO of the project on affordable tourism and barrier-free travel Eslam Abuali is the number one ranking para swimming champion across Arab and African countries, Nada Thabet – Founder of Village of Hope for Development and Rehabilitation of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in Alexandria. 

A special bonus from school experts is life hacks related to successful social activities.

 A series of webinars is planned to be completed by the international conference “Inclusive Volunteering in Tourism and Sports”. We will consider volunteer projects and promotions in a mix format (online + offline). After the conference, school participants will receive expert support for ongoing volunteer activities and best activity competition. The winner of the competition will take part in the IV Congress of people with disabilities from villages and small towns in the largest village of Russia, Kinel-Cherkassy.

All students of the school will receive certificates of completion. Activists of the school of inclusive volunteering will take part in the annual expedition “Sails of the Spirit” in the Mediterranean Sea in September 2020. Active participants in the school will also take part in the large festival “Sails of the Spirit” in Alexandria in October 2020.

We would like to you to join our school! Changing conditions will give you a unique chance to develop new talents and abilities.

Presentation of the Inclusive Volunteering School in Egypt will be held on July 1 from 19:30 to 20:30 (Egypt time). Webinars will be held in English with English subtitles, so we invite people with hearing impairment to attend the School. Webinars will be held on the Zoom-platform, we will publish links to the connection in the registration form, you can also ask them from the coordinator in WhatsApp.

Syllabus for the event:

Two times per week

Monday, Wednesday, 19:00 – 21:00 (Egypt time)

The first event will take place on July 13th.

Webinar Plan:

1) The theoretical part

  • Volunteering as a form of social activity of citizens
  • Inclusion as a model of the modern world
  • Technologies of inclusive volunteering: SMM, fundraising, interaction with partners, probono
  • Fundamentals of project management;
  • Organization of social and cultural events

2) Practical workshops with experts:

  • Case studies
  • Analysis of world famous practices
  • Life hacks from experts in social design

3) Presentations of projects of school participants

  • Format – question-answer
  • Feedback from experts
  • Networking

Please be registered at:

Project Manager: Oleg Kolpashchikov (Russian-English) +7 906 810-22-88.

Coordinators: Ivan Biryukov (Russian-English) +7 913 100-40-93.

Webinars will be streamed on the “White Cane” Facebook page White cane. Белая трость. Information about webinars and speakers will be published in the group of the School of Inclusive Volunteering in Egypt The school of Inclusive Volunteering in Egypt. Information about this and other projects will be published on the site of the “White cane” Active students of the School will become participants in the international project “Sails of the Spirit.” Information about the project will be published in the group on Facebook Sails of the Spirit “Паруса духа”