Simulation Games

White Cane has some enlightening and fun simulation games to offer. Playing these games will help you to find what might be a ‘job of your dream’.

1. Coaching PRO business game. Coaching PRO is a simple, fun and exciting activity that allows each participant to find a vocation to effectively realize one’s potential, and get a sense of one’s real, genuine desires.

It is designed specifically for participants to be able to:

  • Have a glance at the wider world,
  • Look deeper into themselves,
  • Open up new areas of activity they can be successful in.

2. BaFa-BaFa series.This includes three original games: BaFa-BaFa, Naza-Naza, and TaDa-TaDa. The games are based on the original U.S. and Japanese simulation games and allow each participant to build a unique world, have a try at various professional roles and choose the one that perfectly fits.

These games are (disability) inclusive and are a logical follow-up of Coaching PRO series. The organizers are watching the participants and help them to interpret game events, and understand what players’ strengths are, and how they can be developed. The duration of each game is 2 hours.

For additional information please contact:

Artem Mamylin
Coaching PRO Simulation Games
Executive Director

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