The closing of the season of 2019 of the project “Sails of the Spirit” was held on December 20!

Project organizers, activists, and volunteers gathered in the Sverdlovsk regional branch of the Russian geographical society, to sum up the season and outline plans for 2020!

In 2019, the project organizers held many humanitarian and sports events in various cities around the world.

The project organizers held events in 16 countries and 26 cities!

The 2019 season began with the International Inclusive Sailing Championship “Sails of the Spirit” in Yekaterinburg.

On May 20-22, 2019, with the support of the state atomic energy corporation “Rosatom”, the First International Championship in inclusive sailing “Sails of the Spirit 2019” was held on the basis of the yacht club “Komatek”!

For the first time, the competition was implemented in the format of training. All participants consciously discovered their hidden talents and abilities through inclusive interaction.

In addition, in 2019, we reached the international level – representatives of Russia (Sverdlovsk, Tyumen, Samara regions, Moscow, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Sevastopol), Latvia and Sweden took part in the regatta.

In addition, the competition was attended by representatives of various organizations: LLC “Gazprom transgaz Yekaterinburg”, Sverdlovsk regional Medical College, Kinel-Cherkassk branch of Togliatti Medical College, Ural mining and metallurgical company, WHITE CANE Sevastopol NGO, Regional narcological hospital, Tyumen state University, Ural State Pedagogical University and others.

The season of “Sails of the Spirit” continued with an inclusive expedition in the Baltic sea.

From June 15 to July 9, the inclusive crew took the route Riga (Latvia) – Pärnu (Estonia) – Turku (Finland) – Nyneshamn (Sweden) – Kivik (Sweden) – Ystad (Sweden) – Halmstad (Sweden) – Koge (Denmark) – Gdansk (Poland) – Klaipeda (Lithuania) and held humanitarian and sports events in these cities.

The team of “Sails of the Spirit” held days of inclusion, seminars on inclusive interaction, inclusive games and workshops, meetings with representatives of non-profit organizations and public authorities.

The inclusive crew of the project took part in the Baltic Tall Ships festival, which was held in Gdansk (Poland).

In addition, the first youth regatta on inclusive sailing “Sails of the Spirit” was held in Riga (Latvia).

The Baltic stage of the expedition ended with an Inclusive sailing festival in Kaliningrad.

From 12 to 14 July, an inclusive sailing festival “Sails of the spirit” was held in Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region as part of the 16th stage of the international humanitarian mission “Sails of the Spirit”.

The festival included social, cultural, educational and sports events, as well as a flash mob and environmental action. The festival was attended by representatives of public organizations, authorities, socially responsible business, educational institutions and volunteer organizations.

In parallel to the round table on the embankment of the Museum of the world ocean, inclusive workshops were held: on making postcards, key chains, magnets, amber jewellery. It was possible to play chess in the park, exercise with a fitness trainer.

On June 13, a sailing training session was held, and the inclusive crews made a training crossing to the city of Baltiysk. In the Wake of the formation passed through the Kaliningrad channel past the festive city of Light, where this day was held the holiday day of the Fisherman. From the main concert stage, the residents of Svetly welcomed the participants of the regatta “Sails of the spirit”. On the city embankment, in honour of the holiday and the start of the festival “Sails of the spirit”, the next team performed songs from their concert program.

On July 14, in Baltiysk (Kaliningrad region) on the embankment near the monument to Peter I, the Grand opening of the main event of the inclusive project “Sails of the spirit” regatta with the participation of inclusive crews, as well as a children’s regatta, which was attended by students of the Children’s and youth sports school of Baltiysk.

The inclusive sailing expedition “Sails of the Spirit. Rostov-on-don-Sevastopol-Taganrog” took place from 3 to 20 September 2019, in which the social and humanitarian action “Time of inclusion” was held.

The head of the expedition was Yulia Shumova – she is blind woman, associate Professor of the Department of Modern educational technologies of the South Ural State University, President of the Center for the introduction and development of inclusive technologies NGO.

As part of the expedition, humanitarian events (seminars, meetings, inclusive workshops) were held in Rostov-on-don, Sevastopol, Kerch, camp “Artek”, Simferopol, Taganrog.

From 2 to 11 September, the fourth Inclusive sailing camp “Sails of the Spirit” was held in Armenia on the lake Sevan at the Armenian camp.

Participants of the camp with and without disabilities organized Days of inclusion in Yerevan (Mkhitar Sebastatsi educational complex), in the Armenian camp, took part in training and competitions in sailing, kayaking, freediving.

From September 14 to October 3, 2019, in Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, with the support of the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom”, the Mediterranean stage of the expedition “Sails of the Spirit” took place. The catamaran passed along the route Marmaris (Turkey) – Antalya (Turkey) – Kumkuyu (Turkey) – Tashuka (Turkey) – Limassol (Cyprus) – Alexandria (Egypt) – Marmaris (Turkey).

Days of inclusion were held in the cities of the Mediterranean countries, which included seminars on inclusive interaction, inclusive workshops and environmental events, flash mobs, round tables, inclusive concerts and trainings on inclusive sailing.

We invite people with disabilities, volunteers and activists to participate in the events of the project “Sails of the Spirit”!

Thank you for your help in organizing and holding events of the project “Sails of the spirit” in 2019:

  • State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom”;
  • Yacht club “Komatek”;
  • Sverdlovsk regional branch of the Russian geographical society ;
  • Institute of management design and competitive strategies, LLC;
  • Sverdlovsk regional medical College;
  • Regional specialized centre for medical and social rehabilitation of drug addicts “URAL WITHOUT DRUGS”;
  • Kurgan meat processing plant “Standart”;
  • Promsistema LLC;
  • Boiling point-Yekaterinburg;
  • School for blind and visually impaired of S. A. Martirosyan;
  • JUSTA Business travel;
  • Travel company “Eldorado tour”, Yekaterinburg;
  • JSC “Concern Rosenergoatom”;
  • Government of the Kaliningrad region;
  • Federal Agency “Rossotrudnichestvo”;
  • North-West basin branch of Rosmorport
  • The Museum Of The World Ocean;
  • WHITE CANE NGO (Yekaterinburg);
  • Kaliningrad regional public organization of disabled people “Kovcheg”;
  • Kaliningrad regional organization of people with disabilities;
  • Ministry of social policy of the Kaliningrad region;
  • Ministry of culture and tourism of the Kaliningrad region;
  • Administration of the city of Sovetsk;
  • Baltiysk city administration;
  • The administration of the city of Svetliy;
  • Administration of the city of Neman;
  • The Kaliningrad regional Federation of sailing;
  • Yacht club “OST-West” (Kaliningrad);
  • Kaliningrad regional specialized library for the blind;
  • Non-profit organization “Extrability Latvia”;
  • Southern Federal University (Rostov-on-don);
  • Center for implementation and development of inclusive technologies NGO (Chelyabinsk);
  • Rotary Club Of Alexandria Cosmopolitan;
  • The Coordination Council of Russian compatriots of Turkey;
  • Armenian National Federation of disabled sports (ANFIS);
  • Mkhitar Sebastatsi educational complex;
  • Inclusive sailing centre Armenian camp;
  • Beldesi Marmaris (Marmaris city Administration);
  • Marmaris Kent Konseyi;
  • Russian society of culture and cooperation of Marmaris (Marmaris RUS kültür ve Işbirlği Derneyi);
  • Engelli ve Aileleri Birliği Derneği;
  • City Administration of the city of Antalya ,
  • Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Antalya ,
  • Russian society of Antalya,
  • The Coordination Council of organizations of Russian compatriots of Turkey,
  • Türkiye Sakatlar Derneği Antalya Şubesi,
  • Aktif GSK Engelliler Derneği,
  • Beyaz Baston,
  • Tempo Flowers;
  • Information center of Akkuyu Nuclear,
  • Ministry of social services of Mersin,
  • Society of disabled people in Turkey. Mersin,
  • Society for the rehabilitation of children with autism Mersin,
  • Society g White Crescent. Mersin,
  • The society for the blind, Mersin;
  • The administration of the city of Tasucu,
  • Rural house of Russian culture Silifke,
  • Russian cultural centre (Nicosia),
  • Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Cyprus,
  • Stelios Ioannou Foundation,
  • Association for solidarity of families with disabilities,
  • Russian Cultural Center (Alexandria),
  • Rotary Club Of Alexandria Cosmopolitan,
  • Yacht Club Of Egypt Alexandria (Y. C. E),
  • Rotary yacht club,
  • Alexandria Association of the blind.