From April 29 till May 7, 2016 an inclusive training campus will take place in Armenia, at the mountain lake Sevan within the frames of Sails of the Spirit humanitarian mission. Victor Klokov – the first coach of “The Spirit Sails” and Samvel Rostomyan – President of Armenian national federation of handicapped sports – will conduct theoretical and practical classes. The purpose of the training is to prepare for the First Open Russian Championship on inclusive sailing and inclusive sailing round-the-world expedition.


People with and without disabilities will take part in the trainings on a sailing boat, will organize and hold a round table, workshops and will meet Armenian public organizations and local societies of people with disabilities. The events are aimed at the development of inclusion and positive perception of role of people with disabilities in the society, as well as preparation of the First International Congress of People with Disabilities.

A total of 20 persons from three countries (Russia, Armenia, France) and ten cities of Russia (Ekaterinburg, Moscow, Sevastopol, Taganrog, Petrozavodsk, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Revda, Uray, and Kazan) will participate in the campus, eight of whom are persons with disabilities. Together with Armenian sportsmen, the inclusive team will conduct a series of trainings to be finished with sailing races and an inclusive rock concert.

The partners of the project are Armenian National Federation of Handicapped Sports and Association Valentin Haüy (Paris, France). The project is realized with the support of Tashir Group.


Photo: The First Inclusive Sailing Championship

On April 29 a press-conference will take place in Erevan, with participation of Oleg Kolpashchikov – head of autonomous non-commercial organization White Cane, Ekaterinburg, Marc Aufrant – Vice-President of Association Valentin Haüy (Paris, France), Vladimir Rudak – film director, rock musician (Petrozavodsk), Vera Gorynina – lecturer of Institute of Economics, management and law (Kazan), Samvel Rostomyan – President of Armenian national federation of handicapped sports (Yerevan) and other campus participants – a total of 8–10 persons.

Within the press-conference, presentation of White Cane projects will take place together with trailer presentation of a new film and one of the series of the social cinema project of Vladimir Rudak. At the end of the official part there will be a concert by Vladimir Rudak and Yerevan rock musicians.

Organizers and partners:
Armenian National Federation of Disability Sports,
Russian Cultural and Scientific Center in Yerevan,
Tashir Group,
Association Valentin Haüy (France),
Ural Airlines

Head of the project
Oleg Kolpashchikov
Mobile: +7 906 810 2288

Special Thanks
Tamara Agafonicheva for her contribution translating this article.