2019 has come. The team of “Sails of the spirit” is already planning new expeditions and activities for 2019.

And, we think that we just need to sum up the 2018 season!

The season of the “Sails of the spirit-2018” was traditionally opened in Yekaterinburg by an inclusive regatta.

From 16 to 19 may on the basis of the yacht club “Komatek” with the support of the state atomic energy Corporation “Rosatom” was held the open championship of the Sverdlovsk region in inclusive sailing.

This year for the first time a new exclusive competition format was held in the Championship. This is the format “Inclusion 2”, which assumes that the yachts are fully managed by blind participants, and professional skippers help them only by words!

The championship was also implemented in the traditional “Inclusion 8” format, the crew of which consists of an inclusive team, including people with disabilities and people without disabilities.

The regatta was attended by representatives of various regions of Russia: Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Samara region.

From June 1 to July 15, 2018, the 15th stage of the expedition “Sails of the spirit” was held, which is supported by the state Corporation “Rosatom”. During this time, the inclusive team visited the cities of Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland and Poland, where they held many socially significant events, as well as three sailing regattas in cities such as Riga (Latvia), Baltiysk (Russia), Hel (Poland) and passed 1900 nautical miles.

The inclusive crew of “Sails of the spirit” included more than 30 participants from Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, France.

The captains of the expedition were Uldis Mezulis, Reinis Mezulis, Edgars Zakis.

In the course of the route such events as have been repeatedly held:

  • seminars “Inclusive interaction”,
  • performance “Painting of blinds” from the Ural artist Boris Hohonov,
  • workshops “Blind sculpture of small forms” from Johannes Marseille,
  • “Cooking show of blind cooks” from Oleg Kolpashikov,
  • inclusive freediving session (this event is unique in that for the first time in the history of the “Sails of the spirit” project and in the life of blind divers there was a dive into the depths of sea waters at 12-18 meters!)
  • networking

One of the final points of the expedition was the Peninsula of Hel (Poland), where the Cup of rectors of the Kaliningrad state technical University and the Maritime Academy in Gdynia was held. As part of one of the teams, the head of the humanitarian mission Oleg Kolpashchikov took the 1st place!

The prize was awarded by the captain of one of the largest sailing ships in the world “Kruzenshtern” Novikov Mikhail Vyacheslavovich.

The grandiose completion of the 15th stage of the “Sails of the spirit” was the international inclusive sailing festival in the Kaliningrad region, which was held from 11 to 15 July.

The festival included many events, such as:

  • round table “Transforming the world through social innovation” at the World Ocean Museum,
  • inclusive sailing regatta “Sails of the spirit” in Baltiysk,
  • view of the World Cup matches for 1st and 3rd places
  • a variety of workshops.

The 15th stage of the international humanitarian mission “Sails of the spirit” has brought significant results: social projects with partners abroad have been planned, the participants have gained new contacts, the organizers have outlined a plan for the development of inclusive sailing competitions and other water activities in 2019 and subsequent years, the participants received a lot of positive impressions, new energy and motivation.

On July 28, 2018 on the shore of lake Sevan (Armenia) the center of inclusive yachting was opened! The center is located in Artanish village of Gegharkunik region of Armenia and is located on the territory of Armenian Camp. The project was implemented by the Armenian National Federation of disabled sports in partnership with the White cane NGO (Russia) with the support of “Rosatom” state Corporation.

About 100 people from Armenia, Russia and Belgium took part in the opening of the beach!

The program of opening of available beach at lake Sevan was very rich: we tested the beach wheelchair, adapted specifically for marine recreation, got under sail, and held an inclusive rock concert, which featured the band “Vostan Hayots”!

As a result of the opening of the accessible beach, it was decided to supplement the “Center of inclusive yachting” with specialized yachts for people with disabilities next year.

From 4 to 5 August 2018 in Tyumen on the lake Andreevskoe the fourth in this season inclusive sailing regatta was held. August 4 in regatta took part 4 crew with participants without disabilities. August 5 was the second start, which was attended by two inclusive crew from Tyumen and Yekaterinburg.

The regatta was held in the “Micro” class (three persons in the boat) in the “Inclusion 2” format, that is, two blind sailors in bandages controlled the sail and the tiller, and the coach — only voice prompts and commands organize an inclusive interaction of the entire crew.

From 8 to 22 September within frameworks of preparation for the round – the-world expedition on the yacht with the participation of people with disabilities “Sails of the spirit” another expedition on the route Taganrog-Sevastopol was held.

The yacht “Burevestnik” provided by the partner of the project “Southern Federal University ” passed 400 nautical miles across the waters of the Azov and Black seas. The first such expedition took place in 2014

One of the main results of the expedition in 2014 was the formation of an inclusive team of enthusiasts led by a girl with visual disabilities from Sevastopol Alexandra Lazareva.

After participation in the activities of the expedition in 2014 in the library of Sevastopol Department for working with people with disabilities and the organization “White cane – Sevastopol” appeared there, this organization initiated the Third Russian Congress of persons with disabilities in September 2018 in Sevastopol.

In 2018, the inclusive team of “Sails of the spirit” sailed away from the shores of the sea of Azov to support and participate in the Congress, as well as to create conditions for the emergence of new leaders and new teams working in the development of an inclusive culture.

The inclusive crew included three persons with visual disabilities, the rest of the team are members without disabilities.

The yacht ” Burevestnik” passed along the sea of Azov and the Black sea on the route Taganrog – Kerch – Artek – Balaklava – Sevastopol. Along the route of the expedition the crew carried out the following activities:

  • presentation of the project and a seminar on inclusive interaction training for teachers and students of Rostov region Universities at the Southern Federal University in Rostov-on-don.
  • representatives of the team “Sails of the spirit” participated in the opening of the charity marathon in the Central square of Taganrog.
  • workshop “The inclusive man” in the urban society of the blind and in the Marine Engineering Lyceum of Kerch,
  • inclusive games for children from Artek camp,
  • workshops, seminars and panel discussions at the III Russian Congress of persons with disabilities in Sevastopol

During the 400-mile route inclusive team trained in the management of the yacht and sails, cooking in the course of movement of the yacht, household maintenance crew members and, of course, the organization of inclusive events.

We thank all the organizers of the Taganrog-Sevastopol stage, especially the yacht captain Victor Klokov!

Results of the expedition

As a result of the expedition for the first time on long and short passages 8 people participated, three of them — people with visual disabilities.

  • For the first time the team of “Sails of the spirit” held an event in the world’s largest summer children’s health camp “Artek”
  • For the first time, a representative of the African continent participated in the project.
  • For the first time in the history of congresses of people with disabilities, an inclusive regatta was included in the program.
  • After the end of the expedition, the participant with visual impairment Evgenia Cherepanova became the official coach of the program for training on inclusive interaction.
  • Negotiations with the leadership of the southern Federal University on a long-term program of annual expeditions on the yacht “Burevestnik” in the region of the Azov and Black seas.

On September 22, in the framework of the Third Russian Congress of people with disabilities with the support of the Sailing Federation of Sevastopol the 5th in the 2018 season regatta ” Sails of the spirit ” was held and it was the completion of the expedition” Sails of the spirit. Taganrog-Sevastopol”.

The competition was attended by 11 yachts with a professional crew, including people with visual disabilities. One of them was the yacht “Burevestnik”, provided by the Southern Federal University for the expedition.

Participants of the regatta, held on the basis of the Yacht club №57, were representatives of many regions of Russia – Sevastopol, Simferopol, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Zarechny, Kaliningrad, Taganrog, Yalta.

From September 23 to October 3, with the support of the state atomic energy Corporation Rosatom, the inclusive sailing camp was held in Armenia on the Lake Sevan. Participants gained skills in sailing, kayaking and freediving. Trainings were held daily; everyone could try himself as a “steering”.

  • For the first time, night races on cruise yachts were held in inclusive crews.
  • Under the leadership of Samvel Rostomyan, a long 8-kilometer inclusive kayak and canoe trip was held for the first time, in which all participants of the camp participated.
  • As part of the development of the Armenian camp as an inclusive yacht centre, new inclusive equipment has been tested – special sound buoys for navigation on the water without using vision
  • For the first time two blind people were driving a canoe. They focused only on the sound buoy. The experiment was successful, people with visual disabilities were able to demonstrate and develop their 3D thinking and orientation in space.
  • For the first time the canoe was operated by a sighted participant blindfolded with the help of tips of the blind. Blind masters orienteering had the opportunity to transfer their extrability associated with an orientation in space and 3D thinking, a sighted colleague. The head of the inclusive center of Tyumen state University Stepan Panov became the main blind specialist in orientation.
  • For the first time in the history of inclusive sailing camps, the blind yachtsman was able to operate a Luch class yacht alone. The role of the experimenter was made by the head of the project “Sails of the spirit” Oleg Kolpashchikov.
  • For the first time, the kayak competition was held using sound buoys at the finish. The winners of the competition were an inclusive couple Vahe Arzumanyan (he is a blind employee of the house of culture of the blind of Yerevan) and an equal consultant of “Ural without drugs” Kirill Gordeev
  • For the first time, a record number of crews – 12 – took part in the inclusive sailing regatta on yachts of the Luch class.
  • Our unique experience. The session of inclusive freediving was attended by 13 people, 6 of them are with visual disabilities. All of them were able to dive to the depth and assess the positive impact of diving on breath holding on the human psyche. 30 participants of the camp listened to the theoretical foundations of diving on breath holding, got acquainted with the techniques of proper breathing. (Such a record of inclusive freediving swim was possible thanks to the instructor of club “Aqualibrium” Mila Bodilovskaya)

Humanitarian activities

During the camp, a number of events were organized: an inclusive panel discussion, a flash mob, creative workshops on modeling and tying sea knots blind, a show of blind chefs, a workshop on printing on a computer with blindfolds, massage in the dark, inclusive Board games and a concert of artists with disabilities.

One of the inclusive social experiments of 2018 was the competition of social projects among the camp participants. As a result, three social projects were held during the camp, absolutely not similar to each other.

  1. Youth inclusive games in the school of the village of Artanish. The blind participant of the camp and the head of the inclusive center of Tyumen state University Stepan Panov became the ideological inspirer and organizer of the event. The games had a great success – the villagers a few days later discussed an inclusive team that gave joy and new experience to children.
  2. Vice-President of the organization” WHITE CANE ” Michael Vojciechovski organized a workshop for novice massage therapists from Kinel-Cherkassy branch of Togliatti medical College about his experience of becoming a profession, about how to make money and the image of a massage therapist with vision restrictions.
  3. The project “Together to the mountains”. To visit the lake Sevan and not climb the mountains? Impossible! All camp participants climbed to the top, overcame their fears, and as a result were able to enjoy the mountain air and incredible views. The project was organized by Maria Moskvina, an employee of the WHITE CANE organization.

The most intense day was the day of inclusion in Yerevan. 28 September passed:

  • Panel discussion “Close your eyes to see” – it was attended by 50 people-activists, representatives of government, education, business;
  • Flash mob in the city center, which was connected to ordinary residents. For the first time blind camp participants from Armenia – Vahe Arzumanyan and Ruzanna Chatoyan-conducted a blindfolded tour for residents and guests of Yerevan;
  • Inclusive rock festival “Sails of the spirit”, which brought together participants with and without disabilities from Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia and Sweden. “For the first time in my life I participate in such a concert. And it’s incredibly touching!”- said the rock musician from Georgia Lado Burduli

 “Sails of the spirit” is a unique project that allows a person to overcome himself, to become not just socially adapted, but also socially successful. Participation in the” Sails of the spirit ” reveals hidden talents, special abilities of a person and gives an opportunity to believe in yourself.  The development of such talents of a person is a qualitatively new level of life, which helps to open to each other people with disabilities and without disabilities,” said Samvel Rostomyan, President of the Armenian National Federation of Inclusive Sports (ANFIS).

The season of “Sails of the spirit” in 2018 turned out to be very voluminous and saturated:

  • 2 expeditions through 6 countries;
    • 5 inclusive regattas;
  • Development of new technologies of inclusive interaction;
  • personal activity of project participants was increased, many of whom become leaders of movements in their regions and will lead expeditions next year.

As a result of the 2018 season of “Sails of the spirit” we made films about the project.

We thank the Roomple organization for the production of films and Tatiana Dzhemileva, she is our wonderful permanent operator of the season!

Thanks to the leader of the group “Who as can” Vladimir Rudak in 2018, the “Sails of the spirit” has an official song:

We are glad that the project “Sails of the spirit” is growing and changing with its participants and each of you puts his talents, amazing abilities and dreams.

We thank everyone who supported, helped in organizing expeditions, regattas, participated in events and administratively supported on the shore! See you next season!

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  • Sailing Federation of the Tyumen region;
  • Committee of inclusive sailing of the Tyumen region;
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  • Ministry of social policy of the Kaliningrad region;
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