A meeting was held between the organizers of the School of Inclusive Volunteering and the School participants. The participants presented their projects that they created within the framework of the competition. The organizers once again focused on the criteria by which the international jury will evaluate projects.

Evaluation criteria

  • Inclusivity is the level of involvement of representatives of different socially excluded groups
  • Involving stakeholders (partners)
  • Engaged resources (including financial)
  • Uniqueness and innovation
  • Design (logo, setting, etc.) representation photo and video in the social networks

Tasks of the competition:

  • stimulation of people with disabilities to an active life style, to include them in the processes and programs organized in the country of the competition;
  • stimulating the manifestation of independence in creating startups in the social sphere;
  • determination of performance criteria to support initiative groups and volunteer organizations;
  • the search for the best practices created in the country of the Competition, the establishment of new relationships and the exchange of experience to improve the quality of social services;
  • the development of public diplomacy, with the involvement of the Russian-speaking community.

The winners of the competition agree with the conditions and commit themselves to the preparation of presentation materials for the presentation of their projects at the IV Russian Congress of People with Disabilities in the village. Kinel-Cherkasy in September 2020, as well as participation in the preparation of scientific articles, as well as participation in seminars on the exchange of experience, in order to disseminate best practices, Russian and international experience.

Presentation recording: