In the framework of the project ” School of Masters of Inclusion”, wich is realized in the framework of the ANO ” White cane”, it was organized a webinar “How to promote high-quality inclusive projects?”.

Lead of the webinar: Konstantin Barannikov, general director of the Institute of Management Design and Competitive Strategies (Ekaterinburg).

During the preparation and conduct of the webinar, the definition of the New Psychology was given and its principles were presented.

So, the peculiarity of the New Psychology is a special concept of conflict different from others.

In this approach, it is said that a person is trained to suppress his talents, he spends his efforts to be like everyone else.

Based on this, the strategy of therapy and care of the New Psychology has changed – the goal of the work is the development of man’s talents and his willingness to use the cultural capital of mankind. The principles of the New Psychology are described below.

The task of the webinar was to answer to the questions:

  1. How to sell unique inclusive product?
  2. What is “cultural capital” and why the new economy needs the management of creativity?

Principles and presuppositions of the New Psychology

1.We develop the cultural capital instead of connecting to the «Unconscious Collective».

    1. Formation of flow and measurability instead of magic.
    2. Willingness to perceive and use the cultural capital is a competence that should be developed.

2.Conflict creates a difference of potentials for moving forward.

    1. Everyone has hidden resources.
    2. The conflict is connected not with a problem and not with a trauma, but with the experience and the skill of suppressing your own resources.
    3. The conflict is supported by the reference states to which a person compares and understands a difference.
    4. There are no problems – there are actively suppressed personal resources.
    5. Environmental friendliness is a state when a person do not want to live badly anymore.

3.We treat everything that happens as a force, as a support, which opens up the new opportunities and is the door to the new talents.

    1. Changes are always for the better.
    2. The transition state provides a sustainable result.
    3. The transition is when there is no road back, and it is more joyful than frightening.

4.We are ready to wait a lifetime for the moment when you express yourself as the best and the most humane.

    1. Changes always come on time.
    2. Next time you will be surprised again.
    3. The most insulting thing is that you will have to live well anyway.

5.Understanding is priceless.

    1. In your world, everyone is necessary because only in cooperation with others your hidden talents develop.
    2. Understanding is the limitation.