In the framework of the III Russian Congress of people with disabilities with the support of the Sailing Federation of Sebastopol the 5th in the 2018 regatta “Sails of the spirit” was held and it was the completion of the expedition” Sails of the spirit. Taganrog-Sevastopol”.

The competition was attended by 11 yachts with a professional crew, including people with visual disabilities. One of them was the yacht “Burevestnik”, provided by the Southern Federal University for the expedition.

Regatta was held on the basis of the Yacht club №57.

Participants of the regatta were representatives of many regions of Russia – Sebastopol, Simferopol, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Zarechny, Kaliningrad, Taganrog, Yalta.

Our winners were:

The first place. Boat “Aya”: captain Valery Zubkov, Evgeny Mishunin, Kirill Gordeev.

The second place. Boat “Miami”: captain Valery Rezinkin, Roman Burkov.

The 3rd place. Yacht “Petrel”: captain – Alexey Sukhoveev, Kolpashchikov Oleg, Shumova Julia, Alexey Nikiforov.

We thank our partners for their help in organizing and conducting of the regatta “Sails of the spirit” in Sebastopol:

– Sailing Federation of Sebastopol;

– “White cane Sebastopol”;

– Southern Federal University.


Special thanks to the coordinator of the project “Sails of the spirit ” Victor Klokov!