WHITE CANE and the Institute of Management Design & Competitive Strategies invite everyone to join MEVIL 2016 – the Inclusive Environmental Volunteer Youth Camp to take place from 7th to 13th of June this year, the weeklong event dedicated to the National Ecologist Day.

The Inclusive Camp @Baran Peninsula

Source: Oblastnaya Gazeta

10-12 June. All campers are welcome to take the challenge and join The First National Open Inclusive Sailing Championship.

NEVIL 2016 Program:

  • Creativity, health and massage practices workshop
  • Master classes and workshops “Ecology & Inclusion is the work to change yourself and the world”
  • Sails of the Spirit in the Urals Festival
  • Master classes on how to organize and run international and national projects
  • Presentation of the First World Congress for People with Disabilities
  • Living outdoors in a tent camp
  • Spiritual and creative practices and activities in the traditional raw-hide tent
  • Training and simulation games aimed to develop the hidden human resources
  • Presentation of the Silk Road research expedition
  • International business game
  • Meet and make friends with people of other cultures (India, Brazil)
  • June 06. Presentation of the project “The Inclusive Environmental Community 2017”

Верх-Исетский пруд

Pond Verkh-Isetskiy, Baran peninsula

June 7th – June 13th. An inclusive campground will be deployed in Baran Peninsula, Pond Verkh-Isetskiy.

The Camp activities will include (1) picking up garbage at Baran peninsula and the banks of the Verkh-Isetskiy pond, (2) workshops and seminars on the environment and development of inclusive engagement and inclusive volunteer movements.

  • MEVIL creates an environment to enable young people learn and achieve their goals. You will be able to find out the strengths of yourself and your team mates.
  • MEVIL will help you realize that environmental science offers a consistent representation of ourselves in this world.
  • MEVIL is for those who understand that we don’t have other world.

Our social projects contribute to improving the environment in the city of Ekaterinburg, the development of inclusive volunteering and involvement of young people in voluntary activity in the Sverdlovsk region. Inclusive interaction between social groups within the project creates conditions for the involvement of people with disabilities in the society and socially useful activities.

We invite student associations, volunteer organizations and all citizens to participate in The Inclusive Environmental Volunteer Youth Camp.

Let’s make the city cleaner!

In 2017 and 2018, we will have a lot of guests from all parts of the world. We could share our experience with the participants of the First World Congress of People with Disabilities 2017, and visitors during the 2018 World Cup.
Sign Up!

To join the tent camp or our daily activities (without overnight stays), please sign up by calling +7 922 207 9741 or by email at salgarey@rambler.ru.

Please give your full name, the date you want to join the camp, and your phone number. Please use “MEVIL 2016” in the subject line.

June 7 – arrival of participants
June 13 – Presentation of the project “The Inclusive Environmental Community 2017”, the closure of the camp, departure of participants

The project is supported by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Policy of the Sverdlovsk Region, the Administration of the city of Yekaterinburg.


  • Yacht Club “Komatek – Sport Russia”
  • Youth Palace
  • Kurgan Meat Processing Plant “Standart”
  • ANO NPSPO “Blagoe Delo”
  • Promsistema
  • Sverdlovsk Regional Special Library for the Blind
  • Drugs Free Ural
  • Sverdlovsk Regional Medical College

To participate in the First National Open Inclusive Sailing Championship please contact Anastasia Harlamtseva on +7 932 111 1934.

Camp and orienteering competition: please contact Vladimir Vaskevich, +7 922 207 9741.