The eleventh stage of the Sails of the Spirit project is taking place from 28 July to 27 August 2015 in Turkey, Cyprus and Israel. Cruise yacht “Peresvet” will go from Göcek (Turkey) to Cyprus then to Tel Aviv (Israel) and all the way back. The distance is approximately 1500 sea miles covering 3 countries. The crew will be inclusive, i.e. it consists of people with and without disabilities (of ALL abilities) from Sverdlovsk region and other regions of Russia and other countries.


Sails of the Spirit is an international sailing initiative founded by people with visual disabilities from Russia. Its purpose is to develop international inclusive cooperation and to create opportunities for people of all abilities to take part in yachting activities. The project started in 2011 and since then its inclusive teams have made 10 preparatory stages and visited the Andaman, North, Caribbean, Baltic, Mediterranean, Black Seas and Lake Baikal.

Colorful presentations of the project and the First World Congress of People with Special Needs that is taking place in Yekaterinburg in 2017 will be organized in Göcek, Antalya, Kyrenia, Haifa and Tel Aviv. Together with the presentations, the team is planning to hold meetings with youth organizations, Russian language communities, sportsmen, prominent representatives of local authorities and society.

Alexander Bayev and Viktor Klokov, winners of many Russian and international regattas, are going to manage and train the team during the trip together with Jānis Ēlerts from Latvian yacht-club “Auda”. The idea of the Sails of the Spirit project belongs to Oleg Kolpashchikov who is in charge of the humanitarian program of the expedition.

Among other members of the team are Yevgenia Malyshko and Sergey Parakhin, experts on inclusive education and social rehabilitation from Moscow and Marc Aufrant, the vice-president of the Valentin Haüy Association, Paris.


Sails of the Spirit is an international inclusive sailing initiative.

Photo: The Baltic Sea stage, 2014

The trip is divided into 4 weeks. Everyone can join the inclusive team to cover several hundred miles on the yacht that will visit a different port every day. During stopovers, you are free to ride a bicycle, visit a presentation or plunge into the atmosphere of authentic places of Turkey, Cyprus or Israel. Going on a trip with an inclusive team, you are bound to make a lot of friends who enjoy a full life. You will gain sailing skills and mates, interactions with whom will help you develop talents. The most active and positive holiday is waiting for you!

A week of participation in this expedition costs 950 euros and it is 480 euros for people with special needs. This price includes accommodation on the yacht in a double cabin, stays in ports and yacht-clubs and food. It does not include transport expenditures. Exact points of the trip are in the table below.

Schedule of the 11th stage of the Sails of the Spirit project

Voyage Göcek (Turkey) – Tel Aviv (Israel) – Göcek (Turkey)
July 28 – August 27, 2015

Dates Locations Distance (nautical miles)
Week 1
July 28 Arrivals
July 29 Göcek – Kas 51 miles
July 30 Kas – Finike 30 miles
July 31 Finike – Antalya 60 miles
August 1 Cultural events in Antalya
August 2 Antalya – Alanya 65 miles
August 3,4 Alanya – Mersin 190 miles
August 5 Cultural events in Mersin
Week 2
August 6, 7 Mersin – KARPAZ GATE MARINA (Northern Cyprus) 210 miles
August 8, 9 KARPAZ MARINA – Haifa 150 miles
August 10 Cultural events in Haifa
August 11 – 13 Cultural events in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem
Week 3
August 14 – 16 Haifa – KARPAZ GATE MARINA 150 miles
August 17 – 19 KARPAZ GATE MARINA – Kyrenia 172 miles
August 20 Cultural events in Kyrenia
Week 4
August 21 Kyrenia – Bozyazi 50 miles
August 22 Bozyazi – Alanya 60 miles
August 23 Alanya – Antalya 65 miles
August 24, 25 Antalya – Kas 90 miles
August 26 Kas – Göcek 51 miles
August 27, 28 Departures

What is necessary to have when you take part in Sales of the Spirit

Watch weather forecasts please and take them into consideration while picking up suitable clothes. Don’t forget that it’s always colder at sea. Clothes and shoes should be comfortable and don’t limit your movements.


  • a water- and windproof jacket and pants (a wind breaker)
  • sweatpants and a sweatshirt (or so called thermal underwear)
  • a warm sweater
  • T-shirt with long sleeves
  • a cap (a woolen cap in case it’s going to be chilly)
  • a pair of protective gloves (to work with sales and ropes)
  • sleepwear
  • clothes for meetings and conferences in different cities and towns (something neat and casual)
  • swimwear (may be we’ll be lucky and have a chance to use it!)


  • something lightweight like topsiders or sneakers
  • gumboots (Wellington boots)

Dear ladies! The shoes that you are going to wear most of the time must be without heels! But don’t forget that we will go ashore and there you can wear your favorite high heeled shoes.


  • personal hygiene products (including your personal towel)
  • medicines that are necessary for you
  • pills to control seasickness (It’s very important for those who will be at sea for the first time!)

Small gifts (souvenirs) for your new friends are welcome!
But you must be in a good mood and have interesting stories to tell!

Join the inclusive team!

More information about the expedition:
Oleg Kolpashchikov
Cell phone: +7 906 810 2288