Massage in the Dark

«Sensations – is the only thing you can rely on …»
– From the reviews about ‘Massage in the Dark’
Massage in the dark is a unique complex of academic medical massage and emotional, sensual and spiritual practice. The main feature of this massage is that it is blind – the session is conducted in a completely dark room, and with a special patch covering recipient’s eyes. The darkness creates ideal therapeutic conditions not only for the “subjects” – the fact is that our qualified and experienced professionals are blind people.

How does it work?

A traditional massage is transformed – due to the temporary abandonment of the flow of visual information – into an exciting session, covering the whole spectrum of sensory, emotional and spiritual perceptions. It is well known that a person receives more than 70 % of the information through sight. Without visual support the client concentrates on the remaining senses, making them incredibly sensible.

I was in an exotic, mysterious place. It was a place where darkness prevailed, where you trusted completely, and learned to live in unusual conditions. It did not matter what you're wearing or what you looked like. It gave me an indescribable pleasure of weightlessness. Thoughts did not haunt me. My body existed far from my mind, and it did not seem amenable to control. There were just sensations - the only thing I could rely on.

Svetlana Kukleva on her impressions of the Massage in the Dark
This bodily sensitivity is also supported by the positive changes in the emotional sphere. The situation of darkness helps to establish a special trust between the massage therapist and the client – entrusting oneself to a specialist, a person feels in complete safety and peace.

As the session unfolds, the client grows more comfortable, clears off his/her psychological barriers and embarks on a journey into a world of fantasy, associations and images.


What are the effects of massage?

Our clients say that this practice has deep therapeutic effect. They confess, it is because they get rid of internal barriers, fears and concerns, critical self-evaluation and internal monologue, and build confidence and emotional contact with the massage therapist. People, who experienced the Massage in the dark, report deep relaxation and a sense of calm after the session. You can also learn something new about yourself, your abilities and perceptions.

Only professionals do the Massage in the Dark

Only qualified personnel with high medical backgrounds and experience perform the Massage in the Dark.

Mikhail Voitsekhovsky, specialist of the highest qualification in medical massage. Mikhail works as massage therapist at Ekaterinburg Medical Research Center for Prevention and Health of Industrial Workers. He has 15 years of experience. Mikhail is a completely blind person.
Alexander Mikhailov, specialist of the highest qualification in medical massage with 25 years of experience. He works as massage therapist at Pyshma Municipal Medical Institution. He is visually impaired.
Massage sessions are performed in a specially equipped room located 6a, Radishcheva Street, Business Center “Suvorov”, 10th floor, office. 1003, Ekateriburg.
To learn more about the Massage in the Dark, or experience it for yourself, – contact us at +7 906 810 2288 or use the request form below.

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