White Cane (Ekaterinburg) announces the “Light by Touch” Evening to be held on October 15, 2013 at 19.00 at The Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Luxembourg – a special event dedicated to the ‘White Cane Day’.

The program includes:
  • Presentation of the ‘Look Wider’ book, – a collaboration of visually impaired Oleg Kolpashchikov, and photo artist Natasha Podunova. It only seems that losing sight means a sentence to a full life. The ‘Look Wider’ book is made to defeat the stereotype.
  • Exhibition of works by Valentin Savelyev, the winner of the ‘I am the same as you’ VII Arts Festival for People with Disabilities, an event conducted by the Department of Social Protection of Moscow under the aegis of Moscow City Duma.
  • Exhibition of works by visually disabled artist Sergei Popolzin (Austria).
  • Embossed medals and plaques by Valery Brigadnov – artist, medalist, yachtsman and a person with disability (Russia).
  • Exhibition of paintings by Paul Ehrlich (Germany) dedicated to White Cane and Sails of the Spirit initiatives.
  • Singing performance by a visually impaired vocalist Larissa Yudina, who is Director of Chance Vocal Studio (Russia).
  • The exhibition of art photography by Natasha Podunova, Roman Vlasov, Irina Bazhenova (Russia), Annelijn Steenbruggen (Netherlands).
  • During the RCSC event, White Cane will present a new Blind Chefs Cooking Show, an opportunity for each visitor to try one’s hand at cooking with eyes blindfolded.
  • Important attendees will include I see/Es Redzu’s chairman Aivija B?rda (Latvia), and Yuri Nikitin, Intamt Academy Chairman (Germany).
We invite everyone!

Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Luxembourg
32 rue Goethe-5, rue C.M. Spoo
L-2546 Luxembourg
Tel.: +35226480322


We are grateful to Russing Company for the support of the event!