On September 29, a regatta was held in Setur Marina in Antalya city with the participation of people with disabilities and people without disabilities from five countries.

The first international inclusive regatta “Sails of the Spirit 2021” was held in the city of Antalya. Janis Elerts and Uldis Mezulis (Latvia) became the captains of the yachts. The crews included both people with and without disabilities from Turkey, Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan.

The first team to finish was Janis Elerts, consisting of: Marina Sorokina, Rakhat Shaisultanova, Ahmet Irdel, Pavel Erlikh and Vera Grudinina. The team of Uldis Mezulis, consisting of Gulnaz Shakirzyanova, Asli PALA, Anna Dvukraeva and Ole Dankwarth, finished second.

One of the participants in the regatta was the chairman of the Russian Society of Antalya Marina Sorokina: “For the fourth time, hospitable Antalya is hosting the Sails of the Spirit, all this time the Russian Society of Antalya and the Coordination Council of Organizations of Russian Compatriots in Turkey support the project, but this time I myself have accepted participation in the sailing regatta. Four years ago I fell in love with the idea of ​​inclusive projects, today I was imbued with the idea of ​​inclusive sailing regattas. The experience that you get from interacting with people with disabilities, people without disabilities from different countries, you will not get anywhere else! Therefore, I sincerely wish everyone to be involved in inclusive projects. And we will move on under the «Sails of the Spirit».

In parallel with the regatta, an exit to the sea on a large motor yacht was organized, where representatives of the Antalya Muratpaşa Belediyesi (Antalya), the White Cane Association in Turkey, the Russian Society of Antalya and the Coordinating Council of Organizations of Russian Compatriots in Turkey took part in inclusive master classes – “Plasticinography”, “Walks in the Dark” and “Knitting of Sea Knots”. The master class “Plasticinography” was conducted by Elena Yakovleva – a visually impaired participant of the expedition from Moscow, “Walks in the dark” on a yacht blindfolded for sighted participants was conducted by Oleg Kolpashchikov – the blind leader of the expedition “Sails of the Spirit”, and a master class on knitting of sea knots was organized Reinis Mezulis and Johannes Marselje are professional yachtsmen from Latvia and Sweden.

From September 25 to October 9, 2021, Turkey is hosting the Mediterranean stage of the Sails of the Spirit expedition with the support of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom. For the first time, the inclusive expedition crew consists of 20 people. In the Mediterranean Sea, a yacht with an inclusive crew goes along the route Fethiye – Antalya – Tashuju – Fethiye, organizing joint trips to the sea with the participation of local residents at the stopping places, concerts, environmental and landscaping campaigns, sports events, panel discussions, networking sessions and excursions to hybrid (online + offline) format. The motto of the 17th stage of «Sails of the Spirit»: «Sport. Ecology. Inclusive culture».