The Days of Inclusion in East Africa were held as part of the preparation for the First African Congress for Persons with Disabilities and the development of the Sverdlovsk Region as an international centre of social innovations.

From 20 to 28 August Days of Inclusion were held in Kenya and Uganda to prepare for the First African Congress for Persons with Disabilities. The events started in Mombasa, where the First African Congress will be held in 2019. To prepare for the Congress, an international group consisting of: the leaders of the largest school for people with disabilities – Sahaganand special school, Thomas Kraus – the initiator of the Congress movement for people with disabilities (Germany), Ayala Bloch and Sylvia Sistiglik – teachers of the College named after David Elin (Israel) and President of the WHITE CANE NGO Oleg Kolpashchikov gathered.

Members of this international group are participants and organizers of the First World Congress for Persons with disabilities, which was successfully held in 2017 in Yekaterinburg (Russia). Following the meetings of the Organizing Committee, the dates of the Congress were set on 24-27 July 2019.

Representatives visited the possible places of the Congress: Sahaganand special school and one of the best hotels in Mombasa – Jambo Paradise Hotel.  The Organizing Committee has developed a theme for the Congress that will be relevant for the development of inclusion in Africa in the future. The theme is: “From the needy to leady”.

The Congress will not be a one-time event. It will be a multi-year platform for developing leadership among people with disabilities in Africa. It means that the Congress will bring together about 300 notable people including people with disabilities who will share their leadership experience, but leadership not only among people with disabilities but also among other social groups in Africa.

Calling for applications and selection of candidates for the Congress will begin in November 2018, then preliminary training of delegates will be held, after that, the Congress will take place in July 2019, and at the end of the Congress delegates proceed to act on their countries and regions. In February 2020, Congress delegates will gather in Mombasa to take stock and plan for the development of the Congress movement for people with disabilities in Africa. All delegates of the Congress will share their technologies of inclusive development, their creativity and will make a material contribution in the form of investment in the Congress. The Congress in Africa will be another contribution to the development of an inclusive culture based on the realization of special talents and abilities calledextrability”.

The program of the Congress includes panel discussions, workshops and seminars, inclusive creative, tourist activities, concerts, saturated with African coloring. The final day of the Congress will traditionally include as many residents of Mombasa as possible. The first African Congress will be an open event for the participation of delegates from other countries of the world. It will be held in two districts of Kenya: Kelife and Mombasa.

The first presentations of the Congress were held in remote villages of the province Kelife, where the participants of the international group spoke about the upcoming event. On 26 August, the first inclusive games in Africa were held in the centre of Mombasa, in the ferry area. On Saturday morning, the townspeople got acquainted with various inclusive activities: blindfolded walks, the show of blind chefs, the workshop of writing using Braille, the money game in bandages and the development of emotional intelligence with the help of sign language of the deaf. The inclusive games in Mombasa were the first experience of organizing inclusive urban events for Sahaganand special school staff and volunteers with disabilities and without disabilities from nearby cities. Inclusive games aroused intense interest among the residents.

In the near future, it is planned to held inclusive ecological actions in Mombasa to clean and decorate the streets in the largest resort city of Kenya.

On August 27 and 28, the team of “White cane” together with partners held inclusive events in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. On August 27, the conference hall of Speke hotel hosted the seminar “The inclusive” for students with disabilities of Kyambogo University. In addition, there was the second training for staff to train interaction with people with disabilities.

On August 28 an inclusive round table was organized at the oldest University in Africa – Makerere University. More than 50 students and teachers of the University with and without disabilities discussed the development of inclusion in education, sports, culture and employment. Participants got acquainted with the concept of “extrability” and were invited to participate in the First African Congress in Kenya in 2019. The event at the University ended with inclusive workshops and demonstrations of elements of inclusive games – Golf and blindfolded Darts, blindfolded walks, the development of emotional intelligence through sign language of the deaf. After the event in the University the participants organized a networking session, where they discussed joint inclusive projects.

The following events of the international group for the preparation of the first African Congress for Persons with disabilities will be the first international conference on “extrability” in Jerusalem (Israel) from 17 to 19 December, the next meeting of the group will be held in Mombasa from 10 to 15 February.

In the nearest future, Mr. Patrick Muzungu, the Principalof the preparation of the African Congress, Director of Sahaganand special school, will take part in the expedition “Sails of the spirit” in the Black sea and will sail with the project team on the Balaklava-Sevastopol route. In Sebastopol, Mr. Patrick Muzungu will take part in the Third Russian Congress for Persons with disabilities, where at the closing ceremony will officially take the relay of congresses.


We thank all those who helped and participated in the preparation and implementation of the Days of Inclusion in East Africa in August this year.


In Kenya, we were helped by:

  • The staff and the leaders of Sahaganand special school
  • Mombasa Cement
  • Jambo Paradise Hotel
  • Azul Margarita Hotel
  • The activity took place at the Kenya ferry waiting bay or entrance RAM the island side
  • South Coast Conspicuous Abilities Kenya (SOCICA Kenya) and the founder – Am Badi Mwalimu Mohamed

In Kampala (Uganda), we were helped by:


We especially thank Olga Kovaleva for her active participation in the preparation of materials and for the photo and video shooting!

Special thanks to Elizabeth Rwabu for preparing the Days of Inclusion in Africa!