Inclusive sailing camp on Sevan Lake in Armenia

Inclusion Days in Armenia will be held on Sevan Lake from September 23 to October 3, 2018 and include the Inclusive Sailing Camp. People with disabilities from different regions of Russia, Armenia, Latvia and Sweden will join the team of the camp which is traditionally organized by the support of Rosatom State Corporation.

Inclusion Days in Armenia are part of the 15th stage of the International humanitarian mission “Sails of Spirit”.

The Baltic Stage of expedition was held from June 1 to July 15, 2018 and included humanitarian and sport activities in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The inclusive team went through 1900 nautical miles, organized a lot of workshops, master-classes, round tables and sport events in the cities, in which more than 3000 people took part.

On July 28, 2018, an available beach, yacht club and an available Armenian camp opened on the shores of Sevan Lake (Armenia). Today the beach is completely available for people with disabilities. In addition, there is a plan for the next year to buy specialized yachts for people with disabilities.

Within the Inclusive Sailing Camp, participants will take part in daily training in sailing, kayaking, freediving in the Armenian Camp on the shores of Sevan Lake. It is also planned to organize humanitarian events: workshops, seminars, round tables, flash mob and rock festival.

Event Schedule:

23.09 Start of the Inclusive Sailing Camp

24-27.09 Sailing and kayaking trainings

28.09 Inclusion Day in Yerevan (panel discussion “Close your eyes to see”, flash mob, inclusive rock festival)

29.09 Sailing and kayaking trainings

30.09 Sailing and kayaking trainings

29.09-30.09 Session of inclusive freediving

01.10-02.10 Final sailing and kayak competitions

02.10 Official closure of the Inclusion Days in Armenia

03.10 Inclusive excursion in Yerevan


Leaders of the Inclusion Days in Armenia:

Oleg Kolpaschikov. Head of Autonomous Noncommercial Organization “WHITE CANE” (Ekaterinburg) and International Humanitarian Mission “Sails of Spirit”. WhatsApp: +7 906 810 22 88,

Head of the Inclusive Sailing Center “Armenian Camp” on Sevan Lake – Samvel Rostomyan.

Johannes Marseille. Teacher at a school for children with disabilities in Sweden, an active participant of the “Sails of Spirit” project.

Mila Bodilovskaya. Freediving instructor, Aqualibrium Freediving Club (Moscow, Russia).

Areg Nazaryan. Leader of “Vostan Ayots” group (Armenia).

Vladimir Rudak. Leader of the rock group “Kto kak mozhet” (Petrozavodsk), director, musician.

Conditions for participation in the Inclusion Days in Armenia (including the Inclusive Sailing Camp)

To participate in the camp it is necessary to fill in the Participant’s application form.

Participant’s application form of Armenia

Questionnaires should be sent to Write in the subject line “Application for participation in the camp”. In addition to the questionnaire you need to attach a scan of the passport in the letter.


State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom”;

Autonomous Noncommercial Organization “WHITE CANE”;

LLC “Institute of Management and Competitive Strategies Design”;

Armenian Camp;

Aqualibrium Freediving Club (Moscow, Russia);

Public organization “Armenian National Federation of Disability Sport”.


Oleg Kolpashchikov  –  project manager, WhatsApp: +7 906 810 22 88,

Maria Moskvina – project coordinator, WhatsApp: + 7 912 290 00 46,