On September 28, 2018, the day of inclusion was held in Yerevan with the support of the state atomic energy Corporation “Rosatom”. The organizers have prepared a rich program of events:

– Panel discussion: “Close your eyes to see»;

– Flash mob;

– Inclusive rock festival “Sails of the spirit”.

“It was interesting that participants could not specifically answer a question, they tried to avoid sharp corners. And I started thinking about what I’m talking, about what the question I asked. It was very interesting. I was pleased that there were many participants from completely different organizations”

Anastasia Proskuryakova, participant of the inclusive sailing camp, the blind student from Latvia

The panel discussion was the first stage of the Day of inclusion. It brought together more than 50 participants from different countries (Russia, Armenia, Latvia, Sweden) and organizations: The Ministries of labour and social affairs, education and science, emergency situations, the first inclusive kindergarten in Yerevan, the public organization “Unison”, Russian-Armenian University. Some participants of the round table were members of the training camp “Sails of the spirit”, activists and journalists.

“In the Ministry of emergency situations, people with disabilities have been working for several years on the “hotline”. It has become one of our successful projects, and we are pleased that our employees not only cope well with their functional responsibilities, but also have a number of valuable qualities in our work: a special attention to detail and a very developed empathy. In addition, the very opportunity to work and benefit society is a great value for people with disabilities”, – said the representative of the Ministry of emergency situations.

The result of the round table pleases – future joint projects are planned.

“I first walked around the city with a cane and even gave a tour to a sighted girl with a blindfold. We reached the finish line, not hurt, I really liked it, I wanted to walk with a cane as much as possible!”

Ruzanna Chatoyan, blind participant of the camp “Sails of the spirit”

The next step was the flash mob. The participants started to walk around the city centre with canes and in wheelchairs. Everyone was able to try to pass in a blindfold or ride in a wheelchair.

The team was joined by ordinary residents of the city. The participants took a walk around the Republic Square and went to an inclusive rock festival with a great mood.

“For the first time in my life, I participate in such concert. And it’s incredibly touching!”

Lado Burduli, Tbilisi (Georgia), rock musician

The inclusive rock festival “Sails of the spirit” was held on a special scale in the Armenian society of blinds. More than 100 people became spectators and participants of the concert!

The festival played beautiful music that made everyone dance and sing!

Thank you for the great mood:

– “Paros” Choir, Armenia;

– Vladimir Rudak, “Who as can” group, Petrozavodsk;

– Anna Fomina, “Daniel Defoe” group, Saint-Petersburg;

– Anastasia Proskuryakova, Riga (Latvia);

– Lado Burduli, Tbilisi (Georgia);

– Rock band “Vostan Hayots”, Yerevan (Armenia).


The day of inclusion in Yerevan gathered more than 200 participants, gave guests and residents of Yerevan a good mood, allowed to plan future inclusive projects!

Thank you for organizing and holding the events:


– State atomic energy Corporation “Rosatom”;

– Russian centre of science and culture in Yerevan;

– Armenian national Federation of disabled sports.