Sails of Spirit Inclusive Humanitarian Mission Launches Online Challenge as a Short Video Contest

Competition partners:

State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom

Rosenergoatom Concern JSC

Federal Agency Rossotrudnichestvo

Sverdlovsk Regional Special Library for the Blind


Purpose: the manifestation of special talents and abilities of a person through the organization of inclusive interaction in a creative online format

What is the Sail of the Spirit Challenge?

Challenge is always a invocation. The strength of our spirit is infinite. The main thing is to learn to hear, see, feel this challenge, reveal yourself like a sail, and move forward.

Challenge “Sails of the Spirit” is a virtual expedition that brings together participants from different cities and countries. Challenge participants, if they wish, can become volunteers of the Sailing Spirit international mission and participate in our online and offline social and cultural events. We will enter the participants of the challenge on our online map of volunteers, those who appear on the map will get the right to participate in a regatta or expedition and in an inclusive sailing festival.


Instructions for recording a video clip:

  1. Close your phone screen with your palm
  2. Start recording, remove your palm from the screen and start talking, singing, dancing! During the action, one of you (if several participants) should have a white sailboat in his hands (a video on its creation is attached separately. The sheet size for the sailboat is 21×21 cm, sheet A-4 is cut, a square is made). On one side of the sailboat is written the name of the city and country with a blue felt-tip pen (for example, KALININGRAD – RUSSIA). The sailboat should be part of the action so that it can be seen when recording.
  3. Your creative presentation should have an idea, exclusivity, an idea! The video should end with the phrase:“Sails of the Spirit of the passing wind!”
  4. At the end of the shooting, you need to direct the boat to the screen, close the phone’s camera with it, as if transferring your sailing ship to another participant!
  5. Your video should be short, no more than 2 minutes! It can be poetry, a song (a verse and a chorus to keep within the time), a dance! If you are recording a song, it is better that the words be redone under the theme of “Sails of the Spirit”.
  6. The video is signed in the format: Surname, Name, city and country. It is important! If possible, the mp4 video format should be accompanied by the company logo of the Sails of the Spirit festival.
  7. Until August 1, inclusively, post the video on any social networks on your personal pages, put the hashtags #челлендж_Паруса_духа_2020 и #challenge_Sails_of_the_Spirit_2020 so that we can see your video and send it to us by mail (in the subject line it says: “Sails of the Spirit”, Surname, name, city and country). The best videos will be marked with: 1, 2 and 3 places and gifts with the symbols of the Festival, all participants will receive company certificates for participation

An expert jury from different cities will evaluate videos according to three criteria:

1) Compliance of the video with the specified topic;

2) Originality of the idea and execution;

3) General emotional perception.

Your videos will be distributed in the social networks of Sails of the Spirit and partners of the contest:

Sails of the Spirit “Паруса духа”

Молодежное единство

Digest 64 (Новости Саратовской области)

Звезды Балтики


How is the international humanitarian mission “Sails of the Spirit”

A sailboat with an inclusive crew moves from one city to another, from one country to another, gathering people with different limitations and talents in a team. Participants of the mission work on the ship and in the ports show their unique talents by organizing various social and cultural events. A new participant enters aboard the sailboat, passes to the next port where he holds a social and cultural event, then the next one replaces him.


Mission Principles:

1) About activity Each participant is a volunteer of a humanitarian mission;

2) We are actively adding new ideas and rules;

3) Variety. See the value of everyone.

We emphasize our uniqueness, turn restrictions into strengths and actively include those who are very different from us. The greater the distance between us, the richer we are together.

4) Wealth from the inside out;

First of all, I am making our mission more interesting for myself and spreading my growing interest around the world.

5) Abundance. Human creativity is a renewable resource;

6) Everyone has extravagance. We form special talents and abilities that appear due to our limitations through active work and interaction with other social groups, subcultures, nationalities, countries and continents.

We are looking for ways to intensify our creativity and feed on its life-giving force.