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I didn’t manage to continue next day

The last in the series of notes about the US trip by Oleg Kolpashchikov, full with stories and ideas, and impressions about San Francisco, as it happened.

Finland and Sweden on Vacation

We continue with the next episode of the Traveller's Notes. Oleg Kolpashchikov shares his impressions about the Finnish and Swedish stages of the inclusive humanitarian mission Sails of the Spirit.

Inclusive Petersburg

The Traveller's Notebook offers us another piece by Oleg Kolpashchikov. This time around, the brave man is presenting us - as it is unfolding - a series of accounts of the newly started sailing tour of St.Petersburg - Paris by the Humanitarian Mission SAILS of the SPIRIT.

A Trip to America. 20 Years Later. Washington – Chicago

It’s not that easy to start writing in the morning in Chicago, Hilton hotel, sitting on the 15th floor in a two-room apartment with kitchen, swimming pool (on the 19th floor) and other fruits of civilization. Two weeks have passed since the start of our trip to America upon exchange program, and here’s the very [...]

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