Sails of the Spirit project team is getting ready to set off on the longest preparatory expedition in the history of the project. The journey is going to be about 900 nautical miles (1600 km) long and will start in Riga, proceed through Tallinn to the “Northern Palmyra” – Saint Petersburg – and then to Helsinki and Riga back. According to our plan, this humanitarian mission will be taking place in August 4th to 25th 2014 and will be the tenth preparatory stage of the project. That is why Sails of the Spirit project is celebrating a small jubilee.
The Baltic region is not a random place for the expedition. Saint Petersburg will be the starting point of our Circumnavigation around the Old World that is beginning in 2015. Starting there, this journey will take us to the city of Taganrog on the Azov Sea through the Baltics, the English Channel, the Strait of Gibraltar, past the shores of Spain, France and Italy, through the Dardanelles and the Bosporus. The Circumnavigation around the Old World will become the first big journey of the Sails of the Spirit project.
During the 10th stage Sails of the Spirit team is going to study this route inside out, to meet old friends and partners and find many new ones. A colorful presentation of the Circumnavigation will be given in Saint Petersburg and several events are planned for the Russian cultural center in Helsinki. Sails of the Spirit project will gather on board the oceanic catamaran Lover a multicultural team of people of ALL ABILITIES from Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. The captain of the catamaran will be the same as in 2013 Latvian yachtsman Uldis Mezhulis.
Schedule of the Sails of the Spirit expedition:
First week: August 04th – 11th
Riga – Kuivizhi – P?rnu – Haapsalu – Tallinn – Saint Petersburg
Second week: August 11th – 18th
Saint Petersburg – Virolahti – Hamina – Kotka – Lovisa – Kalvon – Helsinki
Third week: August 18th – 25th
Helsinki – Hanko – Kirkko – Hiiumaa – Kuressaare – Ruhnu – Riga
Sails of the Spirit is an international sailing initiative founded by people with visual disabilities from Russia. Its purpose is to create opportunities for young people, especially those who have disabilities, to take part in yachting activities and become members of the around-the-world sailing tour. The project started in 2011 and since then its team has made 8 preparatory stages and visited the Andaman, North, Caribbean, Baltic, Mediterranean Seas and Lake Baikal.
The project is open for EVERYONE. You can find out more about it HERE and watch a video about the 8th stage HERE.
We are very grateful to Kurgan Meat Processing Plant “Standart”, Ltd., UTair airlines and LLC Inter RAO — Engineering for being partners of the project!
For more information, please feel free to write or call Oleg Kolpashchikov, head of the project: