Our People

Oleg Kolpashchikov
Oleg KolpashchikovPresident & Co-Founder
White Cane Co-founder, President and Leader of Sails of the Spirit Humanitarian Mission. Oleg is totally visually disabled.
Mikhail Voitsekhovsky
Mikhail VoitsekhovskyCo-Founder
Mikhail is White Cane’s inspirer and co-founder. He is a headman at ‘A Touch in the Dark’. Apart from the Movement, he works as massage therapist at a major municipal hospital. Mikhail has a complete visual disability.
Elena Kovaleva
Elena KovalevaExecutive Director
Elena is responsible for overall administration, public and government relations, planning and communications.
Artem Mamylin
Artem MamylinProject Manager
Artem is in charge of conferences, exhibitions, master classes and bootcamps, and White Cane festivals, including Extrability Events.
Vladimir Vaskevich
Vladimir VaskevichBusiness City Headman
Vladimir is the leader and founder of the youth project called Business City. He is an active participant in all the initiatives of White Cane. Champion in tandem bike sports. Vladimir is blind since birth. 
Inna Li
Inna LiProject Manager
Inna is a great movement activist. She leads Extrability project and arranges White Cane events.
Rimma Sabitova
Rimma SabitovaBastone Bianco Chef
Rimma is a project leader for Bastone Bianco, giveaway cooking show run by visually impaired chefs.
Yaroslav Dmitriev
Yaroslav DmitrievVideo Producer
Yaroslav is a producer, editor and author of all Youtube videos by White Cane. He is a wheelchair person.
Sergey Uimin
Sergey UiminGPS and IT Professional
Sergey is digital technology professional. He is an expert in software and digital devices designed for people with visual disabilities.