Inclusive Tutors are mentors with disabilities who have a successful experience of socialization and share this experience with their pupils. Often these people work in the open market, are well rehabilitated in everyday life, have education in non-specialized educational institutions.


Inclusive mentors or Tutors:

  • pass on their skills of the successful rehabilitation and socialization,
  • promote education and employment,
  • teach the skills of competent communication,
  • help discover and develop your hidden abilities and talents,
  • motivate and support an active life position in their pupils.

Inclusive tutoring involves individual work with the student, taking into account his goals, needs and abilities.

Oleg Kolpashchikov


The President of WHITE CANE NGO, business-trainer, member of the international organizing Committee of the First World Congress of persons with disabilities.

Expert in urban orientation, self-service, presentation, organizational and communication skills development.

Contacts: +7 (906) 810 22 88,  ok.urals@gmail.com

Michael Vojciechovski


Vice-President of WHITE CANE NGO, a qualified masseur working in the open labor market, the world’s first blind participant in freediving competitions.

Expert in orientation and information technology for blind users.

Contacts: +7 (922) 201 17 27, misha52527@gmail.com

Evgeniya Malyshko


Teacher, guide in the sensory project “Walk in the dark”, representative of WHITE CANE NGO in Moscow.

The expert on employment history and orientation with a white cane.

Contacts: +7 (916) 330 48 60, majestic87@mail.ru

Sergei Uimin


A leading Methodist of “Sverdlovsk regional special library for the blind”

Expert in urban orientation and information technology for blind users.

Contacts: +7 (909) 004 84 34, yimin.s575@gmail.com

Elena Ermakova


Postgraduate student of the Ural state pedagogical University, speciality “Psychology”, participant of the project on cross-rehabilitation.

The expert on social and domestic orientation, coach.

Contacts: +7 (922) 152 14 78, pozitiv.vokrug@yandex.ru

Alexandra Lazareva


Specialist of the Department for the blind and visually impaired Central library for the blind for adults

Expert in social design, orientation in the urban environment, domestic self-service.

Contacts: +7(978) 011 79 51, lazareva.aleksandra.a@gmail.com 

Evgeny Vedernikov


Specialist in health practices.

Expert in orienteering in an urban environment, coach.

Contacts: +7(950) 658 68 00, vedevg@rambler.ru

Julia Shumova


PhD, Associate Professor of “Labor and social law” Department of South Ural State University.

The expert on legal issues related to the employment of people with disabilities.

Contacts: +7 (919) 348 93 69, j_shumova@mail.ru

Alexander Shumov


South Ural State University, senior lecturer

Universal design, the expert on inclusive interaction.

Contacts: +7-904-307-00-16, a_shumov@mail.ru

Stepan Panov


Coordinator of the goodwill movement ” WHITE CANE. TYUMEN”. Head of the laboratory of Inclusive gaming technologies of Tyumen State University.

Expert in orienteering in an urban environment, the development of communication skills, design inclusive games.

Contacts: +7 (922) 489 41 22, stepanpanov72@gmail.comhttps://vk.com/stipanpanov72

Michael Pakulov


Organizer of the first Inclusive Festival of spiritual practices in the Zabaikalsky Krai.

The expert on legal issues related to the employment of people with disabilities.

Contacts: pakulov.m@gmail.com

Konstantin Barannikov


Director of the Institute of management design and competitive strategies.

The expert on the development of inclusive interactions.

Contacts: kb@integra-ural.com 

Elena Leontieva


Chairman of the board of the local public organization “Yekaterinburg city public organization of wheelchair users – Free movement”

The expert on the accessible environment and universal design, trainer

Contacts: +7 (904) 983 12 88, egleont@gmail.com.

Vladimir Vaskevich


Leading of the training in the dark, an expert on urban orientation, an expert on the accessible environment.

Contacts: +7 (922) 207 97  41,   v9222079741@gmail.comhttp://vk.com/tripinthedark

Rishat Allaguzin


Chairman of the society of disabled people of Ufa.

Organization and holding of inclusive events.

Contacts: +7-987-252-93-93, +7-927-930-44-84, rishath@mail.ru

Konstantin Raida


Philologist. Teacher. Translator.

Specialist in the field of international, intercultural, cross-language communication.

Expert in the field of socialization and rehabilitation, employment of people with disabilities, inclusive projects.

Contacts: +7-912-640-70-60, +7-906-809-04-46, k_rayda@mail.ru.

Mikhail Fedorov


Masseur, specialist in inclusive communications.

Contacts: +7 (902) 263 23 01, fedorgrom120375@yandex.ru

Mikhail Cherepanov


Expert in the development of tourism and environmental skills, creativity and communication skills.

Contacts: cherepanov_m@mail.ru

Evgenia Cherepanova


Nurse in massage and instructor-rehabilitation exercise therapy.

Head of a section of inclusive of swimming

Contacts: +7 (922) 205 62 03, cherepanov_m@mail.ru