About White Cane

White Cane  is a non-profit public organization founded by visually impaired people in Ekaterinburg, Russia in 2010. We are seeking new approaches to rehabilitation and re-activation of people with disabilities. Our aim is to help and promote our community’s social and economic activities, and establish contacts with the world of ‘healthy’ people. We believe it very important for us to become self-sustained and independent both economically and in everyday life.

White Cane is a unique social experiment whose central participants – people with disabilities of many kinds – essentially, gain an indispensable experience of positive life attitude and full interaction with the world and its people outside their routine surroundings. We encourage each other to find a way in life, get good jobs, fulfil talents and be helpful to the society.

In our doing so, we are guided by the Extrability philosophy (a combination of “Extra” and “Ability”). Our own life experiences tell us that a physical impairment may often become a jumping-off place for unaffected abilities. Therefore, our task is to foster the growth of these dormant talents and capabilities. We call these capabilities Extrability.

Contact with the ‘outer’ world of healthy people is among our most important principles. We have enough proof to declare this co-operation between the two ‘worlds’ serves for mutual good. White Cane runs meetings, workshops, training courses, conferences and festivals both in Russia and abroad.

White Cane Presentation