I sit in the same cafe in the yacht club “Auda”, as well as two days ago. I’m sitting inside – it’s cold in Riga. There is time to call everyone in Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Yerevan, Taganrog. Business talk is calmer than a couple of days ago. I called to my friend, he’s in London at Trafalgar Square. He and I studied in English schools, so we talked about pictures of the square and Big Ben from English textbooks. I tell him that I was in 40 countries, but never in England, although the dream since the childhood is inside.

Somewhere in front of me through a couple of tables, Tanya Dzhemileva works. Half an hour ago I ran out to the catamaran, we removed a live broadcast as people put the mast. Judging by the voices, 10 people work, most of the votes are Latvian and familiar, plus the artist is involved, I mean Boris and the teacher of labour Johannes, they work in the morning.

The logistics of spare parts work affects the members of the team who are not involved in the repair. The rope for the staff arrived from Sweden at noon today. . Let's hope so…

In the morning we were in the rehabilitation centre for the blind in the Jugla in Riga.

I remembered Normandy, where the picture was poured by the Lord Mer of one of the small towns of the French coast. The French lady who looked at the picture admired the same style as the lady in the district of Jugla in Riga.

Jugla is the area where the blind live, here is the boarding school, which we visited on our first visit to Latvia. At that time Nastia Proskuryakova studied at school, today she organizes inclusive events in Riga.

When Boris finished working on the picture, I came up with a traditional question: “Why do we need blinds in society?”. In the hall, there are young blinds of Riga: Olechov Misha, Yasha, Vlada Chmielewska, rehabilitation centre employees and customers of the centre.

The question, as always aroused emotions. There were traditional answers: “So, why do we need all the people?”. One of the ladies tried to explain on a mixture of Russian and Latvian that this is an incorrect question. During the workshop, many questions were asked about the organization of blindfolded walks. It’s nice that there were many questions and opinions from the audience. At the end of the event, we watch a fresh video about the regatta in Yekaterinburg with the stories of Stepan Panov and Zhenya Cherepanova, after the video there is applause. When we disperse, Yasha continues to tell endless stories about the machines, breakdowns in which he diagnoses by ear. Some participants of the event at the exit admire the picture, which remains in the centre. Tanya Dzhemileva rewrites interview with Misha Olekhov, today Misha speaks in other voice, less high singing notes in a voice.

After the rehabilitation centre, we go to the cafe “Lido” for lunch. Misha and his mother Virginia, the team of “Sails” without Johannes and Latvian captains. Yash’s mom, and Tanya, Vlad Bolotov. Nastya Proskuryakova comes in the cafe.

Now I remembered, at the end of the event on the Jugla in the “Sails of the spirit”, blind Natasha enrolled in the transition to Liepaja. I thought it was important to finish.

In “Lido” Latvian cuisine is cooked. Note – herring in mustard and with vegetables. Tasty, but then had to drinks not one and not two Cola.

We had lunch and discuss the results at the table. Yasha had a handbag with the old logo of “White cane” on his neck today, such bags were handed over at the first events in Latvia. The manner of our conversation with young blind people in Riga, the topics that we discuss calmly, sitting with blind mothers, voices, raised heads, jokes-all tells me:

We have changed the culture of inclusion in Latvia and this is an irreversible process.

In my opinion, Virginia has thanked me. However, I think that we all sitting at the table, in the “Lido” did it. I told it. Remembered and in absentia thanked Masha Kozharina. She invited us for the first time to Riga and arranged “multi-Mobility” in the city centre. Nastya said that at the beginning of her the event the host did not like.

It’s easier to write today than it was two nights ago. I think there’s a dog in the cafe, and on the left, there’s Ace of the base, the song “All that she wants”. He stomped under the table a couple of times to the beat. Waiting for the end of repair “Lovera” and move to Turku. Well, if we eventually manage to make such discoveries with Finnish colleagues. We’re out of communication until Friday night. Wrote and thought about it before – repair while in the closing phase.