We’re leaving the Swedish island. I looked at the weather on the iPhone, what he said to me, I copied to the clipboard, pasted in a mail message, sent it to my laptop and copied from the mail to the note. Thus, in the note appeared the name of the village where we spent the night after the transition from Finland.

Weather in the morning, we can say, multidirectional – clouds, sun, wind, rain. We set sail. I write in the cabin company, it shakes, the keyboard slides on the table. We had dinner and Breakfast with fish, in the evening we finished our supplies from Oulu, in the morning we went to the local stall and took smoked Baltic herring and fresh trout.

Yohannes carefully sliced trout, sprinkled with lemon juice, soy sauce, a little Tabasco sauce and mustard. We had a long consultation with him on the galley, should we desalinate or not. At that time I was frying potatoes, which were cooked yesterday, frying it on a mixture of olive and butter, surrounded by eggs in the same pan.

Breakfast was served with herring, and fresh trout, with local bread and lemon tea to complete the meal. We breakfasted, Katya washed the dishes, Lena arranged that it did not fly on the waves, moored and went.

Upstairs in the cockpit girls and boys something shouting at each other. The hatch rattles in the wind. It’s great.

Yesterday was also great, came after three days of non-stop transition, went to the shower.

I have opened the message and wrote it down exactly how it came, with the same error.

Describe and is rising in the breast. I sit and I sentence “Dao!”

Kostya Proskuryakov, Nastya’s father, drowned. How to describe this person? He embedded himself in the “Sails of the spirit” on the first expedition. We were supposed to go from Ventspils to Liepaja and Klaipeda, but a storm rose, and Kostya took us on his bus. Constantly there are jokes, including the famous story about a little boy in the summer in a hat with earflaps in the Voronezh trolley. I wrote about Kostya and wrote this anecdote in the notes about past expeditions.

Kostya is almost countryman, he is from Chelyabinsk, he also had problems with eyes, but not as critical as Nastia. Kostya has put together the canned products from the garden mom each expedition. All think, as describe what he was.

Here now it seems to me, when we met him, referring to himself as if we were both too shy joy that was found. How would both hunt and can be a good go, but we both hold back, and we both like this game. This is my perception of Bone. Sorry or sorry, I do not know how to say, I do not know, even to grieve for him somehow nice, if I can say so.

At the top of the back creak winch. I remembered the name of the Italian film. And the ship sails on.

Lena came down for a minute, said I was missing amazing things. On the one hand the catamaran, where the wind blows from the feet, on the other sail all quiet. Go upstairs.