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Conference "Extrability as a phenomenon of inclusive culture" in Israel, 2024

In the first week of June 2024, the conference “Extrability as a phenomenon of inclusive culture” was held in Israel. This event has become a center for the international exchange of knowledge and practices in the field of inclusive education and culture, attracting leading experts, mentors and specialists from different parts of the world.

The conference opened with a meeting with the deputy mayor of Modiin, whose name is Amiad Taub. The prospects for further cooperation and the development of an inclusive culture were discussed at the meeting. Among the meeting participants were the organizers of the “Extrability” conference, representatives of the Nizhny Novgorod educational institution “First School”, as well as Sylvia Stiglik, a key partner of the Institute for Sustainable Development of the David Yellin Academic College.
The next day, David Yellin College hosted a seminar on “Extrativity” for college students and partners. The seminar covered the main aspects of “Extrability” and its significance in the context of inclusion. Partnership programs with private educational institutions were presented, including the First School from Nizhny Novgorod. What makes it special is that it is private and inclusive, which is an innovation for Israel. Representatives of the school were director Tatyana Kulyaeva, deputy director Alexandra Fatullaeva-Shcheglova and videographer Kirill Smirnov, who was involved in photo and video shooting of all events.

Particular attention was paid to various homogeneous groups of students with disabilities - from beginners to experienced assistants. The results of the seminar inspired colleagues from Nizhny Novgorod to introduce a training program for teachers with disabilities in their unique inclusive school, as well as to exchange experiences and cross-cultural interaction. This expanded the boundaries of experience, perception and understanding of the significance of intercultural interaction.

The seminar also presented an innovative teaching method, such as the business game “Video Extrability”, developed as part of the “School of Young Masters of Inclusion” project. This innovative approach to education has expanded beyond the Sverdlovsk region, demonstrating the global significance of an inclusive culture. At the final stage of the college seminar, plans were announced to hold “Extrability Basic” seminars in Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg as part of the conference “Extrability as a Phenomenon of Inclusive Culture.” These events will continue to support and expand inclusive education and practices around the world.
The end of the “Extrability” week took place at the Wingate National Institute of Physical Culture and Sports. A special event was the workshop on revitalizing the logo of the Extrability Movement under the leadership of its founder Oleg Kolpashchikov. The main organizer of the final day of the conference was Hayley

The event was attended by members of the Extrability Movement, Wingate teachers, as well as participants in the “Sails of the Spirit” project, which took place in Armenia in 2023. Among the guests were college students and representatives of the Elvin organization, who work with people with special psychological needs. The final performance belonged to Yulia Yutkina, a member of the association of graduates of gymnasium No. 13 from Yekaterinburg, who performed the famous composition “I will survive.”

At the end of the conference, a reception was held with the rector of the Wingate Institute, Shlomo Ben Gal. Plans have been announced to dedicate a day of the next conference to sailing and rowing events. Also, the head of Wingate College and his key employees were invited to participate in the “Extrability” conference at the Ural Federal University in Yekaterinburg in December 2024. Special thanks were expressed to Dr. Aaron Berznicki for preparing the workshop.
In the future, we will jointly conduct “Extrability Basic” seminars and develop other educational products within the framework of the Extrability Movement.

The Extrability Conference is one of the key events for the development of an inclusive culture in the educational sphere and beyond around the world.